Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our KB New House

Our Kampung house finally finish was my popo dream to stay in her own house.
This house is build on top of the land tht our previous house was acquire by the government.

House is around 1400sqft

 This is the living room

 Dining room .
 one of the room

 another room
 small kitchen
 side of the house
 view of the house from front

very very large pouch ....can fit 2-3 cars .
I tihnk we can even play footsal here.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

2016 Chinese New Year Steamboat Dinner

Every year we will have our yearly chinese new year steamboat dinner in KB. This year we have it on the 3rd day of cny when sis and ky is back .

 all of us missing pei jing and see cheng and of course additional one new member of the family , ky

Family :Who would you most like to have dinner with?

Saw this today on FB share by one of my fb friend.... an advertisement from Masterfoods ... 

Sometimes we tend to forget what is important to us in life adult we tend to look for fame and/or money .

Parents tend to work hard to provide for the family and kids and tend to spend less time at home with their kids .

This short clip left me in tears ... remind me again that money or fame is not everything in life . We need to re-examining on why we sometimes works so hard for . 
And not everything money can buy. Somethings even with all the money in the world ,you can't buy back what is lost .

I think if i were to ask the question , who you would like to have dinner with  ?

I would definitely answer : My Grandfather

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Japan 2015: Hotel Hillarys Osaka Review

We took the train to Osaka , takes around 30 mins smooth train ride. 

Hillarys Hotel is located 10-15 mins walk from Namba Train station . You can either walk or sit a taxi to them hotel . 
We decided to walk since everyone told us tht the cab in osaka is very pricey. 

Lobby of the hotel .We paid about RM238/night with expedia . Very reasonable price hotel with very good location .
Next to the hotel lobby there's a 7-eleven which can cater to your midnight hunger . 
Lobby , they provided free unlimited soft drinks and hot drinks .. 

They also do provide variety of shampoos and liquid soaps to test out .
DIY laundry .
We check in at 3pm . 
 The provided small fridge with 2bottles of coke and 1 small bottle of evian mineral water
 "special" in house paid movie ... only in Japan ...
 2 bathrobes ..
 typical japanese bathroom , comes with bathtube
 more basic amenities

 smart toilet bowl the toilet seat heater

This hotel is very famous among singaporean and malaysian . So if you want to stay here, please book your room as soon as possible 

Pregnancy Diary: 14 Feb 2016 : It's a Baby GIRL !! 16 Weeks

Yesterday on 13 Feb 2016 , right after coming back from CNY holiday , we went for our 16 weeks checkup .

As normal , Dr Eric being very patience slowly measuring the fetus head and stomach size to determine the growth of the fetus . He also measure the heartbeat as well.

We ask us whether we want to know the fetus gender , and of course we say 'YES' !!!
Fetus was very cooperative and willingly show us in between her legs ...  few times summo ...
No 'batang' in between yay!! is a baby girl ....

This round of ultrasound scan makes me more overwhelmed and parenthood seems so real to me.
Last few scan , fetus did not move at all , just lay down with her head facing up or down .. doesnt seems human to me ..

This round is different , throughout the scan , fetus is vigorously moving my woob , waving her hands and kicking her legs .

Screenshot below shows her full force kicking which makes her more alive to me .
Playing the video over and over again , can see her little feet and legs kicking and moving ...

 Print out from our scan . Dr actually draw the eye, nose and chin =_= ...
 This scan is with one of her hand by the side of her head
 scan ..between her legs ...shows no batang ... high chance is a baby girl
This round dr visit ended with a blood test , to test HIV and a few other things such as my glucose level.

My baby shopping in Zara going to start soon

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Pregnancy Diary : 7 December 2015 : The Day I found out I am Pregnant

My period was late for 19 days . For the last few months , i was monitoring on my cycle and constantly it was around the same time every month . 

I came back from Regensburg on the 6 Dec 2015 and my period was late for 19 days . 
Part of me though that is the weird weather that cause my body to go haywire .

During my 2 weeks in Regensburg , i was feeling bloated and constipation throughout my trip . Which i tot was because of the weather change and the jet lag . 

So on the Monday itself , just for a peace of mind , i decided to drop by the pharmacy and brought few pregnancy kits to test out especially since i was heavily drinking every night in Regensburg .

Wine was my savor every night in Regensburg .It makes me sleep really very well ... 

I was praying hard that is negative. Marcus wanted to try for a baby next year 2016 right after my business trip . However deep down i was hoping that we are one of those couples that need to try for another 1-2 years . 

Statistically , in every month a woman will has 25% change of getting pregnant and this % is much lower when u pass the 30 mark . We were totally avoiding the fertile period (buffer of 3-4 days each) . 

My heart was pounding so fast when i saw the result . My heart just drop .... 
The first strip , shows that the 2nd line very visible .
I try again with another 2 more pregnancy testers and still shows the same result . After Marcus 's class , we went to Tesco to buy another pregnancy test and still shows the same result .

Few days after that i call up my makeup school to cancel my classes for the next 1 year .

I was mentally not prepare for this . This is such life changing . 
I am not one of those women who got so excited when the test shows positive . I was really dishearten.

During that week and the week after that , Marcus was busy with his Penang Yearly Chess Tournament. We set an appointment with Dr Narvin from Island Hospital on the 19 Dec 2015 .
Estimated that i was around 6 weeks pregnant .

Pregnancy Symptom : Breast Tenderness , bloating , slight stomach cramp , hunger 

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