Monday, March 16, 2020

Baby Sara is 2 weeks Today and Birth Story

Sara is 2 weeks today (16 March 2020)      

Sara's birth story :

We decided to induce her on 5 March 2020 . The date is based on Joey's yap bazi calculation.
Lesson learn from Hannah - choose the correct birth date since prob affect 50% of your children early characteristic .

On 1 March 2020 , after early dinner , we went for Reflextology near my place for leg massage. I was having bad leg cramp every night so a short massage might help with my cramp.
Came back around 11pm and get everyone ready for bed .
Around 12am busy watching Korean drama (Globin) , when i was lying down i was feeling a bit uncomfortable . More like some stomach cramps and discomfort. I tot that i was having diarrhea or something .
Honestly i forgotten how pregnancy cramp feels like . After moving around and sitting up , somehow the cramp become better. So end up continue to watch the series until 1am plus ...

Than .... by that time the uncomfortable feeling gotten worst. Thanks to google , i realize that im having contraction . By 2am , i was timing my contraction using the apps to see whether should i go to the hospital.
I was really hoping that the contraction was going away . The idea of going to the hospital in the middle of the night and dragging Hannah together to the delivery room/Hospital wasn't very appealing especially when the Covic-19 virus is spreading rapidly.

By 3.15am , the contraction was around 4 mins every circle and the contraction pain increase. And again the contraction apps already ask to pack and go to the hospital. Quickly i woke Marcus up and start to pack Hannah's bag . By 3.45am we reach the hospital emergency center .
I was wheel into the delivery room while Marcus park his car and bring Hannah's who's sleeping into the delivery room .

After registration and deposit payment , 4.30am the midwife starts to time the contraction monitoring and also check on the cervix dilation. 4.30am is around 4cm .
Quicky told her to call for the anesthetic dr . Since Dr lee is not reachable =_= ||| end up have to engage with Dr Peter . That guy , he took damm long to come . He only finish administer the epidural around 5am and by that time i was still feeling the pain . By 5.30am i was still feeling the pain of the contraction and ask the midwife to topup the dose 3 times .
I only found out that this Dr Peter style was very different from Dr Lee . Dr Lee straight give very very high dose until leg all numb . But Dr Peter , he prefer  to have some pain or atleast can feel that contraction.

Anyway by 6am , the midwife check that my cervix was dilated around 9cm and Dr Eric was called in . The epidural was taking effect and my pain was near 0 .... however around 6something i can feel like a ball between my leg. I guess that's the baby head .... 6.15 i started to push . This round i manage to feel the Dr finger. He ask me to push towards the finger direction . After 3 pushes , can feel that baby slip out ....
And Sara is out by 6.26am , weight 2.94kg and length 50cm .
She was 38.6 weeks when she is out.

Stayed in the hospital for 1 night only . Not sure why i did not feel that painful compare to Hannah's delivery.
After 1st night i requested to discharge from the hospital . With Hannah's at home with my mom and Marcus not able to sleep well and getting sick soon , discharge and go home to rest is our best option.
We are only allowed to discharge on 3 March evening after given green light from Dr Eric.

Oh ....during the delivery ... Hannah wasn't allowed in the room . Thank god that there's room available so both Marcus and Hannah was lepaking there until when i was ready to push only they ask Marcus to come into the delivery room while one of the nurse look after Hannah in the hospital room.

 Woke up at 10am and saw this view. My girl was up playing daddy's phone while daddy "Kong" out of exhaustion.
 First pic of 4 of us.

 Really mata sepek !!!
First meal ( breakfast - porridge (did not eat cause no appetite) and lunch (stir fried fish with ginger)
Hannah finish all the apples ... hahaha she is really really hungry

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