Friday, July 26, 2013

U-Lang Corner , Kota Bharu

Last June , I went back home to KB ....and finally got the chance to visit U-LANG Corner ....this place is famous for Kau Jam in KB .

This owner kindda papai ....seems always close especially during CNY .... so I was lucky to manage to try out this place after so so many years ...

 We went there around 2pm ....( Dad was stuck with a fren) so the foods nearly finish
 See the amount of people 2pm....crazy rite ??

 This is far the best Kau Jam ever .........

After nasi Kau Jam ...we headed to Siti Fatimah Market ...( I think that's the name of this place)

Monday, July 15, 2013

Rayuan IPTA

Sad sad ......i didn't get my vet .... i guess is God's will ...maybe he knows that now is not the right time ...especially when we are not financially stable and Marcus is going for full time chess ....nevertheless i will still appeal ... 

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