Saturday, January 31, 2015

KHIND Double Boiler - Cheap easy way to cook your chinese soup

I always wanted this double boiler since last year and mommy brought it as a gift for my Christmas present during end year Christmas sale . 
Mommy got it for only RM165 ..whereby the normal price range from rm225- 250 .

Why i ended up with this double boiler .... ??? 
I guess after you pass a certain age , getting healthy is kindda become one of your top priority . As you can see , i been signing up for gym membership , gulping down tons of supplements and drinking cups of green tea .
According to ancient Chinese sifu - chinese tonic soups able to help us to maintain or improve our overall well being. 
The best way to cook your Chinese tonic soup is through double boiling technique. 
and why is it ? bcos double boiling enable you to cook your herbs without damaging it's properties . Max double boiling reach is 100 Degrees.  It uses the heat of the water to cook your herbs. 

At first i was looking for the convention type of double boiler- it isvery hard to find them and i found one which is from Zebra stainless steel and it cost me RM200+++ ..
But than i discover this baby (KHIND Double Boiler) - this is so much cheaper and more user friendly . 

They have this automated PLC to control your cooking time . All you have to do it to put all your ingredients into the ceramic bowl and press a button and wait ! 
In a few hours , your soup is done .
This is especially convenient for working / lazy people like me ...who loves soups but too lazy to monitor or stand all day in your kitchen. 

There are actually 2 types - one with plastic body and another is with stainless steal body . I brought the 2nd one - thinking prop can last longer .

 The set comes with 3 small ceramic bowls and one huge one.

Cooking session 1 : last week - supreme herbal soup package from Eu Yang Seng + RM7 of pork bones

 Cooking session 2 : This week brought RM4.50 herb set from a shop in taman lip sin pasar

 Add in some chicken bones and 2 drum stick

Press button - for meat - and wait for 1 hour 45 mins .... your soup is ready .


According to the menu , you can cook bird nest , porridge or even steam your food .
Each unit comes with a mandarin cook book (Da hell man - why cant you make them in bi ingual) and 2 years warranty .

Not bad purchase for RM165 ???

Friday, January 9, 2015

My 2014 Holy Grail Beauty Product -

Advise from lots of beauty gurus - start taking care of your skin when your young . 
Throughout this year , as normal i tried many many different product , especially Korean skin care . 
from Hera , Sulhwasoo , History of Whoo ...mostly mid to high range skin care . The disappointing part is, that non of them suits my skin at all . Most of them are just too oily or heavy on my skin . 
After screening so many different range of skin care , these below are those that suits me : 

1. Cleanser- Cetaphil 
Started to use this maybe 5-6 years ago when i start having sensitives skin due to usage of whitening/bleaching product . One of the beauty salon recommend this to me . I find them pretty mild similar to dermalogica ultra calming cleanser but at half of the cost. I also read somewhere that one shouldnt spurge on cleanser as they only stay on your skin for less than 1 mins. 

2. Shu Uemura - Yellow bottle cleansing oil - for make up removal 

 Next are my day time skincare routine , start from left to right.

Missha time revolution - RM150 - brought this from Korea last Aug .Lately there is the hype of the pre-toning step skin care such as first care serum ( sulhwasoo ) or MICRO ESSENCE ( estee lauder)  , 
According to website , this is similar to SK2 however is half of the price . It really seems to moisturize my skin and makes it glow even more and it doesn't breaks me up like SK2.

KOSE -kose sekkisei lotion - one of the best toner that i tried out . I try this previously in 2012 and after i finish using my estee lauder Radiant Vitality Energy Lotion , i went back to this one. 

Estee Lauder - Advance night repair - Best serum ever !!! - RM350 /50mL .
Was using this since 4 years ago . This is the main factor that contribute to my glowing skin .
I tried stopping this product and my skin went dull immediately. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream - Very moisturizing and fragrance free -RM105/50mL

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 - the onlysunblock which are not oily and fragrance free - brought the large size , 60mL for RM180 from Incheon Airport.

Below is my night routine , all the same except for the kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate - this is a night facial oil - only use for night . If you use in the day especially with malaysia weather , you prob look like roti canai !!
30mL - RM220 , recommended - 2 drops per usage .
30mL can last you for maybe 2 years .

I am no makeup guru and dont think have the qualification to recommend anything since i dont even bother to use make up . Talking about makeup- i realize that last year i did not wear any full set of make up last whole year since i unable to attend most of my friends wedding. Damm wasted !!
I tried to avoid wearing them , as i just too lazy to remove them.

Below are the few items that i love to use ,

1. Benetint from benefit - give my skin a healthy glow
2. Urban decay - eye shadow primer - min smearing
3. Dolly Wink liquid eye linear

Some of the masks that i loves to use ...

Lastly , sulwhasoo first care activating serum - so freaking expensive .RM250 /60ml .
Since it doesn't like my skin tht much , ended up i use it as a eye serum . Damm wasted.

Some valuable advice that i learn over the years :
1. Always wear sunscreen even at home - you never know when will you get expose to the sun
2. Protect yourself from the sun -All the time - Wish i knew that when i was younger - i prob able to avoid some pigmentation on my cheeks
3. Start using eye cream/serum and NEVER STOP !! i stop mine for 1 month and additional 1 line added to my eyes
4. Invest in quality skin care - your skin will thank you in the future
5. Go for Facial at least once a month

Seventh Son Movie Review - what i think bout it !!


Watch this movie last Wed and was so so disappointing . The only motivation that makes me watch finish the whole movie is the hot guy played by Ben Barnes .

I dun even know how to start to describe my dissapointment in this movie.
The story ended pretty weird .
I expect the director to have a good plot and slowly build up the story .
They should have explain more on what so special about the 7th sons or what so good about the magic necklace. 
The worst part is , in the end , the queen die from a hand knife thrown by thomas ward  . 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

D' Chef Dining ! Lebuh Presgrave - Mid range Fine Dining

Yesterday Sat night dinner , we headed to town to visit this newly open restaurant in Georgetown.
According to the source, this restaurant is open by a young chef from Singapore. 
Located near Komtar/Perangi mall. 

 Menu looks pretty simple . I think they change their menu every 2 months.
 Ground floor dining is pretty small with simple decoration . Only allowed around 6-8 tables .

 complimentary garlic bread from the chef .

 marcus's meal : Striploin steak with red onion marmalade RM48.90 .
Portion pretty small , especially the side dish (mash potato) .However taste wise one of the best ever tasted. Taste better than the one in the view .
He requested for medium toward well and the chef did a pretty good job , maintaining the tender texture of the meat without over cooking them .

Another thing interesting is they heated up the plate during serving .
 My meal : Pork Tenderlion with Truffle Balsamic Glaze RM27.90 .
My portion is very small too , only 3 pieces of pork . However it tasted very nice and interesting.

 lastly the dessert , creme brulee RM14.90 .
I like this dish is because the sugar are thinly caramelized and the custard layer is not too thick. The only thing wasted is when they serve this dish , the caramelized sugar is not warm anymore so it tasted pretty funny.

 Total damage : RM 91.70 .
I will definetly come back again .
Environment is not tht lovely however the foods pretty up to 5 stars standard,

dchefdining facebook

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