Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bristol/London 2016 : Day 1 Landed in Hearthrow Airport

This year business trip is the best ever ..of course other than US la. 
Business trip travel from 26 Sept - 4 Oct 2016 to Bristol for equipment buyoff. 
Took singapore air and transit changi airport.
Departed from Penang around 9 pm something 

Dinner on board ...landed in Heathrow airport around 7am in the morning .We took the airport bus to Bristol which around 2 hours by road from Hearthrow airport. 

Check in hotel - Double tree by Hilton nearly lunch time. Was lucky that we got to check in early .Per night here cost us around $138 including breakfast .

room very basic 
 with no bathtub. Pretty small also for a room in Bristol.

 After checkin- we walk around for lunch ...Bristol is a very very small city that we can explore within 1 day.
 very nice pebble street road . Remind me of the city of Regensburg .

 Ate japanese food - around $7 for a bento set.
 Canal along the city of Bristol .

 Saw Genting casino opposite our hotel. Is legal for casino to operate here .

After lunch went for a short shopping trip to Primark. Got really good deal. Everything here cost here around $30 . So cheap rite ? 
Brought my shoe for only $2 (RM10.80) but of course quality like Vincci .Got a bit crazy with buying Hannah clothing .Women clothing is also cheap but the range are more for Winter clothing .. so lazy to buy. 

Dinner@ Aqua Italia alone. My team guy ditch me . 1st guy want to eat halal KFC and another one having bad diarrhea . 

Dinner on pizza alone ...and of course cannot finish la .. Around 20 inch pizza.
 Of course must stop by the local grocery for local junk foods . Not as cheap as in Regensburg but cheaper than in Penang. Notice the wine call suppose to help on the jetlag but no effect so end up buying sleeping pills.

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