Sunday, October 18, 2020

Rambling of Wawasan 2020

This year is 2020 . The year that all 80s malaysian kid is waiting for has finally arrived. But it doesn't feel any different from the year before or the many years before 2020. 
Years back when the media was covering on year 2020 , i did not envision things like flying cars or modernized tall towers but more on myself . What i have become when i turn 37 .
What will i work as or whether am i married and with kids ? During that that , i think maybe around primary school , i cannot imagine what would i look like at 37 or what i have achieved or owe at 37 years old. All i remember was , WALAU !! So old leh .

2020 is not a year that everyone enjoy . The most obvious is the pandemic that hit everyone.As i am writing down , we are going through the 2nd wave which is so so much worst than the 1st.
Today's number of cases in Malaysia is 871 which is the highest number so far. News stated that there will be 3rd or 4th wave coming and the situation will not change till we have the vaccine. 
Because of this covid , Kl/Sel is under CMCO which makes me unable to go back to subang next week.

Daddy coming down with cancer was another big hit to the family. It impact everyone especially my mom and my sis . I am so thankful that sis able to WFH and accompany daddy for his chemo session everytime. During this CMCO, she decided to stay at home with mummy in case any emergency happens again. 
Last week on Thursday , we have an emergency. During chemo ,he got high sugar that Dr prescribe him to take insulin. So on Thursday night , he took the insulin too early that his sugar drop till 2 and he was so weak that he nearly fainted. Thankgod sis and mum react fast and brought him to SJMC . If not we prob lost my dad. 

Daddy case of cancer makes me determine to move us back to Subang much earlier than plan but with the Covid , the number of company hiring is low . Just have to pray for the best and trust in his plans. 

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