Monday, September 21, 2015

Taiwan 2015 : Lover's Bridge and Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf

Last part of the tour is visit the famous Lover's Bridge / Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf. 

Look more like a fishing wharf you can see a lot of fishing boat docking around the bridge area.

There are street artist along the bridge

Sis sendiri selfie ...

Along the main building , there are vendors selling seafoods

and bbq oysters
or fresh oysters....
After this , we get our driver to drop us at Tamsui old street for some night market and shopping

Taiwan 2015 : Datun Nature Park

Continue from my Taiwan trip which i abandon for super long . Too busy with so so many things .

After lunch , our tour guide stop by this place call Datun Nature Park .Our guide insist us to take picture from this angle . Which i also agree it looks like those traditional Chinese painting.

 Sadly the weather wasn't tht great , a bit misty and gloomy .

 The lake are fill up with huge fishes

Nothing much there , just a very beautiful park

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Beauty School Day 1 : Is all About Brows

Last Sat is the first day of class ....i am so so excited . Class is held every Sat from 12noon to 4pm .
Since now there is only me alone , so will be a personal class. After health check in the morning , went to have lunch and straight head over to HSBC parking area. 

Was brief on the company background , rules and regulations of the beauty school. My tutor make me read out loud sentences by sentences each rules and regulation . Really remind me of primary school all over again . 
She makes me copy everything on the white board too when i ask her whether can i just take picture using my Hp camera .

Below are the types of makeup that i will be learning.

few items that i need to purchase on top of the free makeup set given.

Learn about eye brows . 3 key points need to know , how to find the begin location of the brow , the highest point of the brows and the end point of the brows.

Homework of the day : draw brows =_=
10 pair each brows !!!  damm tough , especially when have to draw left and right brows evenly ....

Can't wait for next week lesson : will teach on shaping the eye brows .

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

China Wuxi : Flight Review Penang to Shanghai

Wuxi business trip is a super last minute trip . Was given less than 1 week notice to prepare for the Visa and the flight ticket. 
Lucky manage to get the visa approve on time and sadly got to fly on Thai airways instead of Cathay.

Flight from Pg to Bangkok takes around 1.5 hours .and the flight has the most spacious seat ever . Just look at the leg room . This is must better than SIA or MAS.

Lousy part is the food . The serve sandwiches and fruits. I mean is quite tastely .
But they seems to serve only one kind of food . What i mean is , from Bangkok back to Penang , with night flight , i was serve the same kind of sandwiches .
landed in bangkok after 1.5 hours.
Since transit in Bangkok for around 3 hours ,i head over to one of the restaurant for tom yam

ordered tom yam seafood with white rice and fruit blended juice. Paid nearly RM60 for this meal.Super expensive.

heading to boarding gate .
watch how i meet your mother season 6 throughout the flight .

meals was serve - fried fish with sweet sauce serve with rice and mushroom .
Side : ham salad
dessert : Yam cake ( disgusting cos i hate yam)

Reach Shanghai at 5pm , the immigration is crazy long . Waited for my colleagues who r taking Cathay for 3 hours in the airport cos the stupid airport do not let them to land .

China Wuxi : Last Night in Shanghai

After checking in and freshen up , we all went down to explore the famous Nanjing Road which is just at the door step of our hotel.

Nanjing road is like Orchard road in singapore

 They have like "train" ride
 One of the main shop there is this huge M&M World.

 lots of different coloured m&m but the prices are so expensive

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