Saturday, May 25, 2019

Plaza Premium Lounge , Gateway KLIA 2 (NEXT TO AEROTEL) review

From our trip back from Melbourne , we have to stop over in KLIA2 to pick babyup from the inlaw . So lucky with my credit card , manage to drop by this "new" lounge to makan dinner.
This lounge is located just opposite another lounge which is next to the Aerotel.
This lounge is " consider" the new lounge ... we went there (me and daddy) around 5pm ... so dinner wasn't served yet .
 Not many people as it was a Monday evening
 AT the entrance there's the appetizer table .They have their very nice banquette bread served with Jams and butters (chocs and peanuts)
Another interesting was , they have the Malaysian roti served with Kaya
 Also got pancakes
 As well as salads + DIY your own sandwishes (fillings are tuna and also eggs)
 Not much choices at desserts - some cupcakes with cakes and also biscuits and muruku ???
 3 different juices , orange , guava and water infuse with citrus
 coffee and tea -diy
Coke and sprite 
 few hot dishes but not very appetizing

 Pizzas delicious - the rest - did not try
They have curry laksa but also did not try ...
Overall they have lots of varieties and looks very new compare to the first one that we enter .

Plaza Premium Lounge Kuala Lumpur (Opposite Aerotel, gateway@klia2)Website
AddressLevel 2M, gateway@klia2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Sepang, 64000 KUALA LUMPUR, Selangor

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tasmania Day 2 : Tamar Wetlands

 15 mins drive from Gorge cataracts ...
 I am not pregnant .... ok ...just the after heavy meal belly and i forgotten to suck it in ...
anyhow .. they charge is $6 for the entry.

 Visitor centre

 We saw a lot of black swams around ... and of course other birds as well . But majority is the black swams

This place closed at 5pm ... so make sure come early . Slow walk around this place tooks us 1 hour ....

Tasmania 2019 : Day 2 : Cataract Gorge

Cataract Gorge is located within the city of launceston.
Is easily accessible and children friendly as well.

We reach around 12pm n the place is filled with families .

 Short walk to the basin
 found mini pinecorns along the way ... and brought them back all the way to Penang

 View of the Alexandra SUspension Bridge
 we walked towards the bridge and along the South Esk River
 Beautiful weather
 Maple leaf ... kampung gal ... seldom see this kind of leave

 The suspension bridge
 Short walk along the river -20-30 mins

 We were slightly lost ... unable to find our carpark ... ended up making one big round across the housing estate
 Marcus say he wants to owe this one ... pretty
I told him i wan this one instead.

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