Saturday, June 11, 2016

Langkawi 2016 : Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant

A trip to langkawi will not be complete without a visit to our famous restaurant - Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant .

Have dinner here on the first day . Didnt manage to do any booking so no choice but to come earlier.
We reach at 5.50pm and the restaurant still not open .

 We have to wait outside for the restaurant to open . The couple behind also same as us .

 Given hot tower upon arrival.

 Marcus's meal - miso marinated salmon set
 cooked on charcoal , yummy
 The rice is the best ... so sedap la .
 Mine - salted marinated Angus beef with fried rice and 3 types of dipping sauce
 I ordered well done ... in case food poisoning .

 After dinner we went to Cenang street for after dinner walk .
 Watching the beautiful sunset along Cenang Beach.

Langkawi 2016 : Favehotel Review

Babymoon in Langkawi . 
Actually not really babymoon . Brought airasia ticket to Langkawi last year during the 0 fare promo .The initial plan is to go to koh lipe however since i am pregnant in my 32 weeks , i don't think is safe to even travel to koh lipe .I was worried that Koh Lipe do not have clinic in case of emergency . So , no choice but to cancel the trip.

 Trip to langkawi started with breakfast at Macdonald .Our flight was a 10 something am.

 Fastest flight ever - only takes 30 minutes from Penang to Langkawi . Hardly warm my seat
 Upon landed , we manage to get car rental from the airport for RM60 per day and head over to favehotel which is located at Pantai Tengah.
If i remember correctly , we paid around RM280 per night inclusive of breakfast.

 favehotel langkawi is part of the hotel chain originated from Indonesia .
 Hotel room is clean but basic.

 Only have shower with hot cold water . But the shower pressure not high and the hot water is not very consistent.
 Paying for rm280 per night and they do not replenish the amenities daily. Pretty sucky service.
 love this part of the room

 room service
 more selfie
Pool at the lobby area .
Another thing that i dislike about this hotel is they do not provide free coffee and tea in room .

Location is ok but is not beach front .
Walking to the beach (pantai cenang ) takes around 15 minutes.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pregnancy Diary Week 33

Tomorrow officially we will enter week 33 of my pregnancy . Yahoo !!!

According to google :

Baby size :17 to 19 inches in length  and weighing around 4 1/2 pounds.
Common symptoms :
4.AN INNIE-TURNED-OUTIE -means popping of belly button

So this week i am weighing around 46kg and waist measurement of 34" . Pretty heavy. Gain 1 kg this week. Which i hope is good news for me 

Started to take vitamin C chewable tablets yesterday as i found that my gums are bleeding 2 days in a row . Scary . And also took calcium tablets. Honestly i been skipping calcium pills .

I am also getting sinus /  nose block when ever i lying down so ended up i need to sleep with my head elevated .

Sleeping is another problem whereby i need to sleep on my side instead of straight up . If not ended up i will have difficulty breathing .

Hannah is kicking actively . Most of the night i did her kicking monitoring .Indeed she is an active girl .
I think she starting to able to hear my voice . Example sometimes she will be kicking too hard and when i tap my belly and tell her to dont kick , she will still kick but with a softer kick. Interesting ..

Peeing is another problem . In the 2nd semester , i only wake up 1 time in the middle of the night but now constantly waking up 1-2 times and sometimes 3 times at night. However still bearable . I heard some mothers woke up every 2-3 hours just to pee.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Philips Juicer HR1855 Viva Series Review

I was looking for a juicer for a very very very very long time. Few famous slow juicer was on my radar and one of them is the Kuvings slow juicer. If wasn't for the exorbitant price, it will be sitting on my kitchen top long time ago.

Since price is the main issue , therefore i drop the idea of purchasing a slow juicer.There are also other slow juicers which are much cheaper , such as Bayers or Khind juicer but based on the reviews , all wasn't very convincing .

So back to the conventional centrifugal juicer . Looks like Philips Viva Collection juicer range are quite famous especially their quickclean design .

So call this juicer claims to able to clean up within 1 minute ??

Neway , since i saw lazada selling only RM331.75 , included of delivery charges and RM50 discount,so ended up buying from there.

First time juicing experience is superb.
Juicing process is super fast as expected.

 The pulp is quite dry which indicate good juice extraction.
 2 cups of pure fruit juices - coming from 2 oranges , 2 apples and 1 guave.
Not bad !! just the orange a bit sweet .

My apple orange juice for break fast tomorrow. 

Best part is the cleaning is really easy . Whole cleaning process is only around 5 minutes. 
Totally recommend everyone to buy this juicer . But of course the juice yield won't be as good as the slow press juicer . But for the price i am paying , this is exceed expectation .

Those interested as search in lazada :
Philips Juicer HR1855 (700W) with 75 mm Feeding Tube
2 Years Local Manufacturer Warranty
  • 2 years warranty by Philips Malaysia.
  • Power: 700 W
  • Pulp container: 1.2 Liter
  • Capacity juice jug: 0.8 Liter
  • Feeding tube diameter: 75 mm
  • Speed setting: 1
  • 800 ml juice jar

Pregnancy Diary Week 31 Check up

Last week we went for our monthly pregnancy check up with Dr Eric.
Last week , my pregnancy enter 31 WEEKS which is near towards the 7th month .

First remark from Dr " you only gain 100g since last month check up . That is too little . Let's see whether how is the baby growth ". 

Neway , overall baby growth is normal .The size of her head, arm , legs ,tummy size are all within the 31 weeks plus . 
She is now weighting around 1.7kg.
So baby H is sucking out all my nutrient!!! Dr advice to drink some milk to "pou" my body.

The arrow below ( whitish part ) is the baby hair . OMG!! Baby H got hair already . 
Dr also mention that he say her bladder filled with water - shows that her kidney is working fine. 

Next check up during week 34.Another 3 more weeks.

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