Monday, January 27, 2014

MBK Food Court Bangkok

Finally ...we reach the famous MBK mall ....i force my sis n parents to take pic with the MBK logo behind them. 

 The preload card that is use to purchase the foods from each stall.
 They have a lot of variety of foods from Japanese , Chinese to Thai food. However I find the food price is slightly higher than normal.

 Pork Leg Rice
 Thai Chap Fan

 This is the so call famous beef noodle -you can see the huge pot in front the food counter .
 My beef noodle
 Sis beef noodles - i find mine taste nicer - hers slightly more pepperish
 Dad miss his Char Ho Fun ...

We ordered extra bowl of tom yam and this taste sucky ....!!

My Verdict : I don't think is worth coming all the way to MBK for the food court as is pretty expensive and the foods doesnt taste tht nice.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Completed Fresh Water Aquarium

Completed miniature 5.5 gallons aquarium . 
Pretty small and simple and still growing.  
Got like 2 different moss : java and fern moss .
Than another plant at the corner which cost me RM2 only .

 At the bottom , you can see there are 3 Marimo balls .
Currently cycling my tank with 3 fishes ( barbs ) and 1 gold algea eating fish .

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

T& K Seafoods

After walking around Chinatown, we headed to the famous T&K Seafood.We reach around 7pm and is already crowded .We are pretty lucky as we manage to be sited right away as those tht come slightly later need to wait for more than 15 mins.

 all of us looking pretty exhausted ...after whole day walking
 They are so famous tht they have their own bottled water brand.

 1st dish arrive - fish cake .
 oyster with fried egg - penang's dish taste nicer than this one.
 Our main dish - chilli crab - we ordered the smaller portion and taste pretty sucky . The crab is tasteless and and pathetically small.
 Best dish of the whole entire meal : juicy bbq fresh water prawn.
Last - crab fried rice - not fragrant at all ...pretty tasteless less.

Total bil rm90

Wat Arun - Temple of Dawn

After the Reclining Buddha temple , we headed to the jetty to go to Wat Arun which located opposite the side of River Mekong. 
According to Wiki , Wat Arun is name as the Temple of Dawn because  as it was the first place in Thonburi to catch the morning light .

The ferry fare cost Baht 3. The ride is pretty short - only about 5 minutes . 

Monk giving blessing to some of the folks

Se rounding the main temple- there are a lot of small small temples

Daddy making offering

Finally temple of Dawn . The temple is still going through some minor reno
Fat Lab sleeping enjoying the hot sunshine

Sis and I did not climb up the stairs as I have height phobia and sis just too lazy . So we both ended up photo whoring.

Another cat with t-shirt on . Seems like all animals inside wat arun are well to do .
Entrance ticket - each b@ht 50
At the jeti - we saw some life animals sold to be release into the river by worshipers

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