Saturday, November 12, 2016

Bristol/London 2016 : Day 1 Landed in Hearthrow Airport

This year business trip is the best ever ..of course other than US la. 
Business trip travel from 26 Sept - 4 Oct 2016 to Bristol for equipment buyoff. 
Took singapore air and transit changi airport.
Departed from Penang around 9 pm something 

Dinner on board ...landed in Heathrow airport around 7am in the morning .We took the airport bus to Bristol which around 2 hours by road from Hearthrow airport. 

Check in hotel - Double tree by Hilton nearly lunch time. Was lucky that we got to check in early .Per night here cost us around $138 including breakfast .

room very basic 
 with no bathtub. Pretty small also for a room in Bristol.

 After checkin- we walk around for lunch ...Bristol is a very very small city that we can explore within 1 day.
 very nice pebble street road . Remind me of the city of Regensburg .

 Ate japanese food - around $7 for a bento set.
 Canal along the city of Bristol .

 Saw Genting casino opposite our hotel. Is legal for casino to operate here .

After lunch went for a short shopping trip to Primark. Got really good deal. Everything here cost here around $30 . So cheap rite ? 
Brought my shoe for only $2 (RM10.80) but of course quality like Vincci .Got a bit crazy with buying Hannah clothing .Women clothing is also cheap but the range are more for Winter clothing .. so lazy to buy. 

Dinner@ Aqua Italia alone. My team guy ditch me . 1st guy want to eat halal KFC and another one having bad diarrhea . 

Dinner on pizza alone ...and of course cannot finish la .. Around 20 inch pizza.
 Of course must stop by the local grocery for local junk foods . Not as cheap as in Regensburg but cheaper than in Penang. Notice the wine call suppose to help on the jetlag but no effect so end up buying sleeping pills.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

First Hannah Video and 3 Months Update

This video of her is so freaking cute. 
I can watch this video over and over again . Seeing her only once or twice of week make me miss her a lot.
Hopefully this situation can improve soon.

As i am blogging now , she is officially 3 months. Didn't manage to visit her today because of  me having dinner with boss and both of counterparts.

At 3 months , Hannah able to :

  • Lift her head at 45 degree angle for around 5-10 minutes
  • Putting her hands in her mouth
  • Playing with her saliva and blowing bubbles with them 
  • Likes to talk baby talk with lots of oooosss and ahhhh 
  • Smile and grin widely when having eye contact with familiar faces
  • Lift up her leg slightly
  • Squirming in her bed 
  • Call out for people when she is bored in her cot
  • Looking with intensity at objects above her and able to follow them with her eye 

Monday, October 10, 2016

A Day too Late

 On 16 Sept , as usual after i woke up , i head down to the living room to look for my dad for breakfast. And that is when my dad deliver the bad news.
He inform us that grandma pass away that morning at around 6am.
According to aunty kim , grandma woke up around 4am for toilet break and around 6am when my aunty went to wake her up , she has already pass away.

All of us did not expect her to pass away so suddenly. 
The news hit my dad quite badly. On Friday night , i just commented to my dad that he should fly back to Kelantan to visit my grandma since is a long weekend. 
I also brought air tickets (paid quite expensive for it ) to fly back to Kelantan in Oct with Hannah and Marcus to visit her. 
I still remember that the last time i talk to grandma on the phone was on the 27 Aug 2016 and i remember telling her about Hannah and telling her that i am visiting her together with Hannah in Oct. During the conversation , she seems fine even tot she slightly out of breath.One of my biggest regrets is she did not meet Hannah. 
When i was back during Cheng Beng in April , she ask me to bring baby back for her to see and i told her i will do that. It really sadden me that she miss the chance by few weeks.

What happen to grandma hit me hard . TIME WAITS FOR NO MEN.

When things like this happens , we tend to have regrets for me , I ask myself :
  • why didn't i book my air tickets during confinement ? 
  • why didn't i call her more often ?
  • why didn't i print out the photos like she requested ?

This is the last family photo that we take together . Every year , she will insist that we take a family photo and also every year she ask me why i did not print out the photo taken last year .
The first year when we did took the family portrait , i did print out and she keep it frame up on the cabinet next to her usual afternoon chair.
This year during chinese new year when she asked again , i told myself that i will print out and give it to her in Oct. But now i guess she never get to see this photo anymore.

Life is just so short and we do not know when God decide to take us back .I got so caught up with my own life in Penang that i forgotten about the loves ones around me .
Grandma passing on makes me take a step back to think back why i work so hard for.

I told myself that i should not repeat this mistake with my parents. They are already near to 60 years old and you never know how long they will still be active and healthy.

Ah Mah,
Thank you for taking care of me when i was younger. I still remember when i was 4-5years old , you will scold us and chase us around the house with a lidi. I remember you happily cook my kau jam or kiam kuih. When i was 8 years old , you scolded me when i naughtily stick the chopstick in the rice bowl. I am sorry that i did not manage to bring my baby to see you but i am glad that your last wish to stay in kampung cina house finally fulfilled.
Good bye ah mah ..
                                  ah yong ...

Monday, September 12, 2016

Hospitalized For Rectum Bleeding

Last month was really dramatic for me . On 10 Sept , around 3pm,while talking to Marcus in the room , suddenly feel the urge to lau sai .
Than went to toilet and this is what came out. 
Bloody red blood clot!!!
This happens like 5-6 times. After like the x times , which my ass already super painful , i walked down to the clinic in front of my house but did not make it cos having dizzy spell and having heavy breathing. 

Lucky i manage to run back home before i fainted . Marcus saw me and got panic and immediately sent me to Pantai Hospital.

Was immediately put on drip to stabilized my condition and admitted while waiting for the specialist to arrive. 
It was like around 7pm when i got admitted . One thing i would like to comment is that Pantai Hospital really give me a bad impression. We waited for the doctor for like 3 hours and that idiot only turn up and told us he having dinner. 
So not professional.
He came as did some check and declare that is just hemorrhoid. Which i think he hamtam only bcos according to marcus , my rectum was filled with blood and cannot see anything.
He suggest that i go for stapled hemorrhoidectomy the next day.
I was like horrified. My vaginal was still healing from child birth and now i need to go under surgery for my ass.

Last minute in the morning, i pull out from the surgery .. which was a good choice. 
I want confident with this dr as he did not check anything and simply diagnose. Summo this Dr - who all the nurse refer to as Datuk/Dato seems not very caring.
I mean , normal dr will at least suggest a colonoscopy to verify the root cause of the bleeding before suggesting for surgery.

After i inform that i wan to pull out from the surgery , this Dr ask me to stayed for another day for "monitoring". 
He worried that i continue to bleed at home .So i stayed on for another day.

Pantai Hospital Penang foods really sucky as compare to Island Hospital.Their food is really tasteless. 

Since my insurance coverage able to get me single room so my food choices are slightly better than normal. 

However the room size is much bigger than in Island Hospital.

 They provide flat TV and a working desk with lamp for those who stay over to able to work.

 Check out on Friday and got charge RM1.7K to my insurance.

 Last week , i went to Sunway medical to seek for 2nd opinion on this . Adelyn recommend
Dr. Akhtar Qureshi - Sunway Medical Centre  . 

Got injected with IV needle again for the sedative during the procedure.

Got force to drink like fortrans to clear the bowel.
Long story short , summary from checkup , thank god is only bacterial infection at the rectum. The dr prescribed me with antibiotic for 5 days. Medical bills - RM2.2K . Thank god for insurance.

With the bleeding and hospitalization , really makes me realize that life is very short . God can take away your life anytime. I am very thankful that is not any growth or cancer or anything serious.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Hotel Review Best Western Premier Hotel Regensburg

Best Western Premier is my 2nd hotel during my 2 weeks Regensburg stay. Is really a pain in the ass to keep transferring hotel .
However this hotel is one of the best hotel that i stayed . Reason is simply , cos is a modern hotel that meets the Best Western standards. 
Price wise i think is less than 95 euro per night

 One thing common about hotels in Regensburg is that they only provide like one small pillow. WTF rite ?

 this place is really new and well maintain. Is really refreshing compare to staying in Hotel Alstad at the old town area .
Hates those old ancient hotel . Too much of singapore ghost stories ...
 The middle rod thing is the heater where you can hang your clothing or towels to dry. Is really comforting to get wrap up in warm hotel after bathing during winter.

 ohh ya ...drink 1st round is complimentary ... everyone loves free things

 ohhh ya of my few purchases . Creme burlee set .. until now still havent use them yet.

 i brought also hot pack . Cannot stand the cold weather
 this is the breakfast area, woke up too early

 free coffee and tea diy station at the lobby. Good move .. especially during winter.

 this place have one of the largest spread breakfast . Just look at the juice choices.

 meat loaf , bacons and beans ...yummeh

 lots of cold cuts and cheeses

 More more cheeses

Loves this place a lot . Wish can stay here longer however the only disadvantage is the distance to the old town.

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