Saturday, May 31, 2014

Margaret River Choc Factory

While on the way back from Margaret River we stop by this famous Choc Factory .
They have another branch in Swam Valley. 

 They sell tons n tons of different type and shape of choc ... with high tourist price ....faint****
 $14.95 for an easter egg ...thts is like rm44.85 !!!!

 This is the best part tht everyone loves --- free tasting chocs .....3 types : dark , white and milky

 We both got bored and went out to the park and camwhore ....

Recommended to visit if u have time - if not dont bother ...over price choc for tourist !!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Good Fortune Roast Duck - Perth City

After Margaret River- we headed back to Perth .
We all crazing for some chinese food after 2 days of too much AH MOH foods. 
According to web - they recommended good fortune roast duck house - for good siew yok .We arrvied around 8pm and still have to wait for 15 mins before seated. 

 Just look at the roasted duck hanging .....juicy yummy

Stir fry Kailan -- notice that there are no leaves ?? According to the waitress , the leaves are normally comes with lots of caterpillars so to ease their job, they just throw away the leaves. But this is one of the best stir fry kailan i ever tasted .

 We were given one pot of rice to be share - look at the rice -- so fluffy and grainy .
 Marcus ordered noodle wan tan - taste so like HK
3 Bi ( roast duck , siew yoke and char siew) --- we ordered 2 times as the portion pretty small for 6 people. Among the 3 , the siew yoke is the best - the skin is crispy and meat is flavourful .

Total bill around $90
Recommended if u miss HK foods

Abbey Resort Beach Walk

Next morning - we all woke up at 8am just to go for a walk at the beach behind our resort ...

Morning view from our unit
At 8am ...the sun already shining so so bright
and so glaring that we all hardly able to open our eyes for the camera

Marcus & i trying to do some cheezy couple pose ....
Just look how clear the water ... really beautiful
and amazingly clean ... not even one piece of rubbish ..

even the sand so fine and white ....

SO so clear water ....unfortunately the water is just so damm cold .... now i know why aussies loves to go Bali ... hot sun with warm sea water !! Heaven!!!

Guess ...who foot print are these --- aren't they cute --- we dont get this in Malaysa

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