Friday, February 28, 2020

Hannah's 3rd Birthday Celebration Part 1

Late late blog entry for Hannah's 3rd birthday celebration . Opps .... too busy with work and stuff .
Since 27 July 2019 is Mabel's wedding day , we end up celebrating Hannah's actual birthday in the room after the whole dinner.

Mummy very kolot wan ... somehow must celebrate on actual day . 
Pei and Ky also got a room next to ours (even tot they did not attend the wedding) . So all of us are here celebrating hannah's 3rd birthday.
This gal is very very lucky. What to do , only cucu from both side of the family. 

 Everyone got her a present for her birthday

 Pei got her a cake to blow

 me with her cake
our family photos .... 

Melbourne 2019 : Victoria Market

2nd day in Melbourne , we headed to the famous Victoria Market.
We took the tram from our Airbnb to the market. Just 20 mins by tram ..... and is free .... i think is at the last stop before get charge

 first impression : lots of lots of fresh fresh fruits and veges
 and my parents loves loves loves this place

 and everything here is so huge .... even the mushroom

 lovely carrots with leaves .
The fruits especially strawberries are so freaking cheap .
A box of strawberries only cost like $1.5
i think we brought another like 2-3 boxes here to eat with wine and nutella spread.
 they have warm mulled wine ....

 and after walking around we saw a long line here . Got Marcus to line up .... looks like some tourist thing ...
 if i remember correctly is some kind of donuts ..... not tht impressive .
 There's an indoor market as well that sell dry stuffs , like cheese , marinated vegs , seafoods ..

 look at those lobsters . Not sure expensive or not
 but i dont think the seafoods here are cheap

 Nearly lunch when we finish exploring both outdoor and indoor market.
Choose this porchetta for lunch . Only $14 for such a huge portion

see .... omg ......huge ..... shared with M for lunch

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