Friday, October 8, 2021

Bye Bye Shortie

Shortie pass away on 14-Sept-2021 between 1-2am
She was diagnose with myxomatous mitral valve disease by gasing vet on mid July 2021 after i notice that she was coughing quite bad in the morning and having heavy breathing. 
She was already in stage c which is similar as cancer stage 4. 
On the night before she pass away , she was a bit quiet and i notice tat her eye was crusting and watery. I tot because she was dirty as i did not bath her for 2-3 weeks. 
Did not i know that she was going to pass away that night. The time before we all sleep , she give me a long final look . At that time i did not think of anything different. I give her a usual pet and kiss on the head. She will normally sleep on the floor of our bedroom but that night she insist on sleeping under the table next to our bed. I sleep next to her that night.
I found out that she pass away in the middle of the night when i realized suddenly the whole room was very quiet. When i touch her only i realized she no longer breathing. I do not know why that day i woke up around 1am. Maybe i am so use to her heavy breathing which calms me to sleep. 
She was having bad cough for weeks and that night as she cough badly , i told God that maybe is time to take her away and i think god actually answer my prayer. 
I am glad that she pass away in her sleep together in the bedroom with the family.

She was my eldest daughter and my loyal companion. 
10 years of life together 
Maybe is time for her to go 
I hope you and daddy are reunited ... and hope u both will fetch me when my time is up 


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