Saturday, May 25, 2013

Terminal Lounge Uptown Breakfast

Last weekend , I finally got the chance to meet with my old Samad Frens .... since Aman requested for western foods , we decided to have our gathering at Terminal Lounge at 9 am ...

List of beverages ...
Surprisingly at 9am , the shop is pretty full .....

We have to order our foods at the counter .... and they will give your boarding pass number
Aman with his shocking look ...when i took out the camera

My latte ...superb
My sinfully morning breakfast - 5 choices selection : pancakes , bacon , hotdogs and hash brown ..
Aman sandwish
Arlin and KY lattee

This is how shortie look when i reach home ....

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Langkawi WildLife Park Part 3

Tons and tons of budgies ..... 

 Arent they so pretty ....they are the one that give me the idea of getting Mr Bryan.

 Lazy Bastards

 OMG ...Just look at that face . How can you say no to him ???

 Bustard Bunny !!

The monkey with an ATTITUDE . He was already shoving his hand out from the hold when we are like 1 meter away ....

Parents please bring your kids here ...they will loves it .This is like the only place is Malaysia where u get the chance to feed the animals ... ( when i mean animals , not those petting zoo where u only get to feed rabbits) ...this is like u can feed real exotic animals ...

Langkawi WildLife Park Part 2

 This is Mr Croc cage .

 Warning signboard with a little humor

 Puffy feathered chickens ..

 See this little guy ...he is a prairie dog

 Mr raccoon .

 See how cute and greedy he is .....2 hand out to grab foods
 Mr Civic cat
 Full head out ...ready to be feed .

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