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Hanoi Part 3 2011

Last Day in Hanoi , we walk around Hanoi City .........

First we visit the grave of HO CHI MINH and his residential place..........
The queue is damm damm long .........what really impress me is that Hanoi's people are so so semangat patriotic unlike we Malaysian.

Every weekend , lots of Vietnam citizen lineup to pay respect to HO CHI MINH. Most Malaysian don't even know where our 1st Prime Minister is buried.

These people really respect him and what he did for the country.

This residence as the president of Hanoi

Lake in his palace area

another of his house

Pagoda near his place


Another old Church

Dunno what Status ........just take one

Pagoda beside the Sword Lake

The day end with a nice nice MASSAGES ........

My masseuse ........
Sis and Dad enjoy their massages

Hanoi 2011 Part 3

3rd Day we headed to Halong Bay .
Halong Bay being nominated as the natural 7 wonders of the world in 2010
The journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay take around 4 hours by bus .

Many Trunks awaiting to load passagers.We check into the trunk(boat) at 12.30pm

mom n dad on the trunk

Everyone .......

Me trying to drive the boat

Straight after we start sailing , we are serve with lunch .

Simple Tai chow : fried fish, sotong,vege,vietnam popiah and watermelon

Our first stop will be at the cave........

Entrance of the cave

Inside of the cave.. we have to walk up the stairs around 20 minutes to enter the caves.

Family pic outside the cave

2nd stop , we headed to this fishing village for kayaking.

My whole family did not go kayaking as it is damm hot to kayak

View of Halong Bay on the deck

Fishin village

Landed at the fishing village

After hanging out in the water for 4 hours, we headed home to Hanoi .....another 4 hours journey

It all worth it .........this is the best part of the whole trip

Hanoi Trip Part 2

On the second day of our trip , we booked our tour to Tam Coc and Old palace .

Cost us USD23/person

Snap pic while waiting for the tour bus to arrive

The old palace .

Since Hanoi is very near to China , the palace has a very strong chinese influence in their design.

B&W pic

Dad , background of the lake

Dad , posing .....

me .......taking pic in front of an old pond filled with Lotus Flowers

Entrance of the palace

Dad inside the palace

Another pond inside the palace ..........people in Hanoi loves ponds filled with lotus flowers

After lunch , we headed to Tam Coc - so call the land Version of Halong Bay

This place is like a river where we paid someone to row us along the river and to enjoy the scenery of the caves and limestone

Aunty and uncle at the boat

Mom was showing off her skills paddling ....these boat people very smart , the put extra paddle so that for those people who damm sienz with the scenery can help them to paddle

Seaweeds beneith the river bed..........full of them ............damm kau geli to imagine fall off the boat into the seaweeds

Limestone view

Old temple
Entrance of cave ...........

Hanoi 2011 Trip Part 1

Trip to Hanoi: 11-15 Aug 2011
Attendees : mom, dad,sis , 2 of mom's fren

Went to Hanoi for 5 days. We took airasia flight , 3.5 hours ............

When landed at Hanoi Airport , it was like a whole new experience.THE EXPERIENCE OF 3RD WORLD COUNTRY.

On the way to the hotel , we saw MEN peeing beside the highway ..........how un civilized is that

Another hotel opposite ours ........we stayed in asia hotel located in the famous old quarter. Old quater is an area fill with rows and rows of shop houses selling all kinds of things ........

As we walk along around the old quarter ........we see things like people eating beside the walk path

Hawkers standing in the middle of a cross road selling their things

Some old man randomly jusy decided to open his barber shop beside the walk way .

Women carrying stuffs for sale .........

Our hotel room ........kinda nice and with superb service ........

We have freshly made breakfast everyday , the owner of the hotel pretty helpful .

Once example , the owner went all the way to contact the taxi driver to help us to get a backpack tht my dad left in the car.

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