Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things bout me !!!

I got this from Alicia blog .....

4 jobs you've had in your life:

  • part time in mom's company
  • assistant in carlsberg
  • Scientist in Scomi Oiltools
  • Process Engineer in Flextronics

4 movies you could watch over and over:

  • Sound of Music
  • Scary movie 1-4
  • Enchanted
  • Breakfast at Tiffiny

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch:

  • Scrubs
  • Friends
  • Gossip Girls
  • Desperate Houswife

4 places you've lived in

  • Kota Bharu
  • Skudai , Johor
  • Subang Jaya
  • Penang

4 places you've been on vacation to

  • Bangkok , Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Penang
  • Kota Bharu

4 places you would rather be

  • Home
  • Marcus room
  • Shopping complex
  • My Beauty Salon

4 of your favourite food

  • Asam Laksa
  • Japanese Food
  • Deserts
  • Italian Food

4 websites you visit daily

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day Surprise

2009 Valentine's day this year was suppose to be a normal day ......
We didint plan anything interestin/special this year .... just tot of having a simple dinner and spend more time with each other ....
However this year ...he did something reallly special ....which nearly make me cry ...
My baby drop by and hand me a silver box wrap with red ribbon and a handmade rose on top of it ....
At first i tot he brought me a cupcake he knows tht i loves cupcakes .....
However to my surprise ...... it is ......

Marcus's handmade sushi cucumber sushi and ebi sushi .......
so so sweet ...... i stare at it for nearly 30 minutes b4 trying out one bite .....super em se tat eat the sushi .....
Can you guys see the heart shape sushi .....can feel the love as i ate it one by one ...... it prob the best sushi i tasted so far ...... yummy .....
Heart Shape cucumber sushi .....
Just wan to clarify ......Marcus is not the type of person who will cook ...i bug him to cook for me maggie for 4 years also he dun wan to cook for me ......n finally on the 14 feb 2009 ....he did cook for me ....which i would say ...the best meal ever ........
Baby Marcus : still can believe u actually make sushi for me ...this is prob the best gift i ever receive ......
thank you ....
i owe u like so many gifts rite ??? paiseh ....

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