Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yearly Beach Breakfast in PCB 2014

This is a super duper long delay post since Feb 2014 . Every year during cny , my parents will insist that we , as a family go for picnic in PCB( Pantai Cahaya Bulan) .

On that day , we all woke up at 7am before the sunrise to bungkus our favourite breakfast meal( either nasi lauk or nasi dagang) at the local market and headed towards the beach.

The local government is doing some project to min the sea corrosion  effect on the beach.

 elmo got tired pretty easily due to the long walk on the sand

 enjoying the view from the beach. the view no longer as nice as previous year due to tons of huge rocks blocking the view of the sea.
 mom with her nasi dagang.
 This is mine - my nasi lauk ikan ayor . Eating on the beach always increase your appetite by 2-3 folds . I wonder why ???

 dad enjoying his meal.

Time to go home - with elmo looking exhausted .... another year again

Philips Avance Juicer: My next Kitchen Gagdet

WHile doing my normal online window shopping on the web , i ran into FriedChillies articiles on "5 Great Philips Kitchen Appliances" . 5 Great Philips Kitchen Appliances .

And i found this : Philips Avance Juicer . 

According to the website it cost rm 799 each .
It looks like those juicers for ultimate lazy people like me who hate cleaning but rather spend rm2 per day for orange juice.

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