Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What's in my fridge ???

I always read blogs/post about people doing What's in my bag post all the time . Since i haven't have anything to write , i'm going to do something different by doing a post on WHAT'S IN MY FRIDGE today!!!Pics below are taken 10 mins before writing this post. 
This is my 4 feet fridge in my house . Marcus brought it since 5 years ago and it is still functioning very well. 

Start off with the freezer section :

At the side, you will see some choc bar look alike - which is actually frozen food for my betta fishes. These are frozen brine shrimps - from Hikari . Yes , i share my fridge with my pets.
Refer below for pic of the melted block .
 DEAD Brine Shrimps - looks like mini Hea Bee !
At the bottom section you will see some block sticks

 These are old school milo ais cream .
 At the main freezer section are junk foods such as different type of fries(curly,wedges and normal ) and a pack of ayam mas sausages.

 Going down the bottom are more stuffs
 these 2 belong to my dog - canine omega3 - shortie supplement
Yogurt - her current fav topping
 Some hoegaarden beers; incase of insomnia or TGIF celebration !! and some nescafe cans to cure sleepiness .
 This one just join the fridge team yesterday : rojak sauce from the van in front of super tanker
 This belong to me : my gel mask ; need to keep this cold
 more sweets and choc on the top compartment.
 Marcus's current fav drink : marigold lemon peach teas air kotak . He drinks like 1 box everyd and still dont get fat !!! Damm!!
 Lastly , more sweets , jellies and strawberry milk .

Thats the end of the " What's in my fridge " post. 

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