Friday, January 29, 2016

Japan 2015 : The Bamboo Forest

After the scenic ride , walk over to Arashiyama Bamboo Groove ... another famous must visit place when you visit Kyoto

Again ..another ice cream macha

manage to get a few shots without anyone behind
Another pic of us ..taken by another Jap tourist
Next at the entrance of the Arashiyama Groove ...we head over to Tenryu-Ji which is another world heritage site.

Temple was built in 1399

beautiful japanese landscape garden ...preserved from it's original landscape

to enter into the temple , another entrance fees of 100Y

walkway from the temple to the garden ... just look , how clean is it ....

Entrance fees Y500 , opening hour from 8.30 till 5.00pm everyday

Pei Jing's Wedding Dinner

9 Nov 2016 ( which falls on the Monday) , i took 2nd half off and we both drive all the way back to Taiping for Pei Jing's wedding .

Mom and Dad already arrive the morning itself and have attended her "wedding" chinese ceremony.

 We arrive at Taiping around 5pm , just in time to rest , freshen up and ready for dinner
 uncle and pei xin lepaking in the living room
 see cheng , my other cousin which i didn't see for years ... have finally become more mature ...  somehow every chinese new year , he is unable to join us cos he works in a chinese restaurant ... which i advice him tht he should start to change to a malay restaurant ... hahaha
 i just realize i over do my eye shadow .. look like eye bengkak .... omg memalukan ...

 cant remember what restaurant but apparently this is one of the huge restaurant in Taiping .
She only invited very very super duper close family members ...which total of 2 tables ...

 The married couple ...damm selamba rite ? Marcus think that he dress better than the groom himself

 best part of the dinner is the food itself ... which is surprisingly luxurious and tastily . This cousin of mine has really good taste and food selection .

First dish is the 5 dishes ... comes with stir fried scallops ...
 shark fin is one of the best tasted ... just look at the amount of crab meat
 next is the roast duck and kerabu chicken

 stir fried fish

 Yam basket
 one of my fav ... curry prawn with bread basket .... the curry is "fucking" nice
 lap mei fan ...a lot of " lui" .... just looks at the amount of siew york and char siew and and  ..lap cheong !!!
Dessert ...another fav of mine ....laichee and natta de coco !!

Best wedding meal EVER!!! Congrats to the newly wed couple

i think the restaurant name is soon lee ...

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