Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Makan Makan : Olive Tree Penang Lunch Buffet Review

Delayed post again and this time is because of too busy with Marcus Chess Academy. I won lunch buffet voucher from Women's day poster design competition .

I arrived first at 11.30am , so one of the earliest there so i able to capture pics of foods when they are not yet "damage".

 appetizer - seafood salad
 chicken cheese ham sandwiches
 cold cuts - turkey and chicken hams
 appetizer table : pie tee cup .. taste OK
 one of the main dishes - deep fried soft shell crab
 main dish - fish head curry . Taste ok also
 The main area that i look forward to but was really disappointing .
 I counted that estimate aronnd only 9-12 different range of cakes , jellies and kuih.

 choc balls - very dissapointing. Taste bad and does't comes with quality
 few hot dishes from live station - this is one of them
 another live station .. but do not recommend them. The cendol is too diluted

 cheese wedges
 bakes fish Mediterranean style - was ok

 only main carbo dishes other than plain rice .

 they have ice creams with condiments
 bread pudding
 some malay kuih
 3 different veges for ulam
 my 1st round plate
 last live station - which is also very sucky- diluted koay teow thng

2nd plate

My recommendation , please don't waste your money and stomach at this olive tree penang buffet.
They charge RM70++ for adult and RM 35++ for children age 7-12 .
This is one of the worst buffet ever tasted .

I do not mind if your variety is very little however please provide decent quality food.
Do do not come here unless u have FREE VOUCHER OR FREE FOOD

However if you insist to go through the same experience as me :
visit them at address below :
76, Jalan Masturi,
Bandar Sunway Tunas ,
11950 pulau pinang
(located opposite pisa)

one thing i would like to give them credit is their service . The manager and waiters are very friendly and they refill my water and take off dirty plates very efficiently.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hannah is 9 months

Hannah turn 9 months last week . Time passes by so so fast . In another 3 months time , we will be celebrating her 1st birthday . 
Currently no plans yet for her 1st birthday but definitely will celebrate with 4 of us (me, Marcus , shortie and baby) after the bad experience during her fullmoon. 

These pictures below taken when she was 8.5 months.
At 9 months:
1.Hannah able to walk with support 
2.Strong wills - keep standing and trying her best to get out of the baby high chair
3. Enjoys putting everything into her mouth
4. Enjoys eating - feeding her baby pasta , quinoa , all sort of veges and toufo 
5. Knows how to call for milk , or when she popo or when she wan to get out of her baby cot
6. Exploration mode stage where 
7.Stand without support for few secs
 8. Able to response to her name when call but often just ignore us

Monday, May 1, 2017

Travel 2017 : Saanen Goat Farm Balik Pulau

1ST May 2017 - headed to Balik Pulau as a tourist. It been nearly 8 years since we are here and so many things have change.
Main obvious is the road towards Balik Pulau and also the amount of terrace houses and shop lots . So develop betul this place. 

Our main destination is this place - Saanen Goat Farm ...located around 2-3 KM from the main Balik Pulau Town.

Park along the small opening and walk towards the farm. As you walk towards the farm , you can smell the strong farm stench . 

We were lucky that when we are on the way to balik pulau it started to rain heavily but than when we reach here it stop. So the weather wasn't that hot 

 Pretty small place - only 1-2 pent of Goats .
 You can feed the goats for free .. they provide you with free leaves to feed them.

 Goats here really chilling out .. good live ..i hope they are not for human consumption . They are quite friendly other than one part where one of them try to nibble my handbag

 first family photo

 Mother goat

 I can say that they take care of this place very well. Is very clean and beautiful. The goats are really clean and the cage are also clean.
 Surprisingly the goats really white leh .. i think they do bath them daily.

 Best part is the visit to the farm is FREE !!!!

 2 main goats fighting ...live action
 One of the session whereby the owner or worker explain on milking goats and how they process the goat milk

 area where they sell yogurt , milks from goats . Can go and support them . but since i hate anything gotta do with milk i did not buy anything .

Saanen Goat Farm
Address : Address: 298 Mukim 1Balik Pulau, Penang Island 11010Malaysia

Facebook page : Their FB Page

They also have some chicken with chicks , ostrict and some maltese mix poodles.
Overall very friendly place for children to visit.

Visit their facebook page or trip advisor for more reviews here :
Saanen Dairy Goat Farm
Opening hour : 10am to 5pm daily

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