Monday, February 27, 2017

Hannah is 7th Months

Happy 7th Month Baby Hannah .
Today she officially turns 7 months and Happy 7th month motherhood to me . 

At six months , she seems pretty advance for her age . She reaches her milestones pretty earlier ( based on my internet reference and books). I credit the temporary intelligence to S-26 milk powder. 

Before seven months , she able to :
  • Sit up steadily without support   
  • Loves to self feed - almost everything ranging from steam pumpkins to my handbag handle
  • smiley smiley baby to everyone ... not yet having strangers anxiety but i guess is due to her spending most of her time at nanny place ( 4 babies + lots of people). Disadvantage of this is she is not clingy to me.
  • showing her temperament when we didin't layan her or take her milk away from her - she will scream and cry like i kill her dog 
  • Able to crawl 
  • Able to pull up standing position from sitting steadily
  • Able to hold on to milk bottle only when she is hungry. Once she get her necessary feed - she just hands off ... lazy baby
Height : 68cm
Weight :8kg

 This is her face when she saw my camera pointing at her .

 little girl busy playing
 Putting everything in her mouth and grabbing everything within reach.

 Started solid food at 6 months ..she definitely got my tham jak gene.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Penang : Soul Cafe Re-visit

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary !!!! Baby ....
Yesterday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary at Soul Cafe @ Jalan Kek Chuan , Georgetown.
This year was very special as we celebrated with our baby hannah . 
However this year we didn't celebrated in The View but somewhere simpler.

 This place is very small , prob can only fit around 20-30 people . So if you ever wanted to visit here even on weekdays , please call them up for a reservation.
And of course thank god i did the table reservation as the place was packed with people and the only table left is reserve for us.
 The menu is still the same as last year .

 See how small is the place.

 They have desserts ... yummy ... and my fav cream burlee.

 We ordered 2 pasta dishes , one soup to share and one dessert.
In my opinion , they have the best pasta dish in whole Penang.
 Spaghetti con pencetta RM23.00 consist of smoked bacon , mushroom ,chery tomato cooked in olive oil.
Very well cooked
 Our shared mushroom soup RM16.00
 Hannah practicing her chewing skills, cant wait to chew on our plate
 Marcus's Linguine al carbonara RM18.50 .
Cooked with bacon ... yummy
One of the best carbonara eaten in Penang ...other than via pre
 Hannah can't wait to has a taste on our food.
 Just look at her ... hands all out . Of course we didnt give her any to eat. Tham Jak ...Marcus keep saying she got my makan gene. Opps baby , you will going to get chubby with those appetites.

 We distract her with bananas .. happily eating and finally leave us alone to enjoy our food.
 Marcus and Me ...and baby Hannah
 end the meal with Creme Brulee ..RM12.90 .. a bit sweet but not bad
 Overall damage ... in my opinion pretty affordable
One of my fav place to satisfy my craving for pasta.

Location : Along Jalan Kek Chuan, 

10400 Penang
Closed on Sundays.

12, Jalan Kek Chuan 
From 11am to 11pm. 
Website : 

To get there - try waze them 

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