Monday, November 16, 2020

Last Meal in Florence 2017 @ Fishing Lab

This is the only restaurant we visited 2 times in the whole europe. 
I think coz we have too many meats and pasta that when we found a seafood restaurant , we were so happy!!! 

We were here for lunch 2x .... which explain the price is reasonable and freshness of the seafoods


Ordered sea salt baked fish ... 

i think is crab cake 
some scampi's 
and of course the usual bread and olive as starter ... yummy ... highlight recommended 

Marcus's 36th Birthday Celebration @Double Tree Penang

 This year is the year of cuti cuti malaysia / Penang . Lucky we purchase the hilton honor voucher so this year birthday celebration will be in Double tree Penang. 

With CMCO , there is not buffet offered , so our voucher was change to ala carte order.

Comes with salad , soups , 2 main courses and fruits. 

Yeah this gal is a screamer and she is so damm fierce . This is her face shouting at her mummy coz i ignore her request . 2nd child syndrome is out !!! 
Our main meals .... 
The very yummy mushroom soups 
Spend the afternoon at the pool ... went around 3pm to avoid the crowds ... 
View from our room 

The 2nd Bet

 Last 2 weeks , we receive another bad new. Daddy's 1st round chemo is not effective . Result from PET scan shows that the tumors are still at the bladder and the liver. At the liver area seems that the number of spots increasing . Dr propose daddy for 2nd round of chemo with different chemo medication. This round will be increase in frequency of chemo from 3 weeks per month to every week cycle. 

To be honest , i hope daddy's body able to take the chemo doses and also hopefully the insurance investigation able to finalized as soon as possible and we able to claim from insurance instead from daddy's pocket. I hope my parent save enough to afford the cancer treatment. My parent's coming from poor background has been very frugal their whole live. Until now , they are living a very simple lifestyle and saving as much as they can even now. Last 10 years , their biggest spending are only the yearly holidays that i bring them . And now daddy taking out his savings to pay for his treatment. I think he feels that living a healthy lifestyle can prevent him from getting sick and be pilled up with hospital bills which is why he did not buy any medical card till last year when i keep bugging him . I hope everyone who reads this learn this lesson from my parents .Do not think your susceptible to any diseases and please understand the important of medical card. You might be like them , paying your medical bills with your savings from years of working . 

I hope daddy able to survive this 2nd round of chemo and hopefully he can live another 10 years with good quality life. My dad n mom hope that after these chemos over they they can go to new zealand and i hope i can be the one that bring them around . 

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