Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Meal

First time I cooked in my new house ....and first time i went to market to shop for fish , pork , vegs ........

The menu for today :
1.ABC Soup
2. Fried Fish
3. Cucumber and sambal

My New Place in Penang

Just moved to Penang like nearly 4 weeks .....
Being really busy moving into new house , getting used to new places in Penang , looking for new job ........

Here are some sneak peak of my new place ....(I spend rm8k on this place ..)

Just Brought my plant today ....cos me rm10 ....

New House = New Pet

Being in PG for nerly 4 weeks ....kindda getting used to the life here .........being really busy with work and moving and looking for new job .....

I will update the pics of my new place in the next post ....

For this post thinking of what breed type of dog should i get :

Out of the so many different breed of dogs , kindda narrow down to 2 breeds :

1.Pug .....

Advantages of this breed:
1.Loves to sleep
2.Not yappy ( dun bark cos they are just plain Lazy )

1.Fugly ....PLAIN FUGLY .....
2.Tham Jiak ....according to some research I done ....they will follow whoever tht feedthem ....
3.Not Fur ...i like fury stuffs
4.Fat .......

My Second Choice :

1. Silky Terrier

Advantages of this breed:
1.Mini Breed ..... such a cutie ....totally match my image ..can hide in my bad and bring her out
2.Very Loyal
3.Got Fur

1.Freaking Yappy
2.Need to groom --- more money spend
3.Freaking Hyper ....

Which should I CHOOSE ?? THE FUGLY OR THE CUTIE ????

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I am Moving to Penang

SHIT ...I am moving to penang in 3 more days .........excited and sad at the same time

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