Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Travel : Beautiful Venice

Venice is one of the most impressive and unique city that i ever visited so far in my life .
What impressive me of Venice is how can a city be surrounded like water.
Remind me of old times when KB use to flood ..Hehe !!!

The first time i step in Venice , i still can't believe i am finally here.
I mean , i see replica of Venice everywhere like in Macau and i am finally here at THE REAL THING!!!
 Here , we are at the main station of Venice taking the water taxi into Marco Square

 The busy main carnal of Venice

 Pose in front of hard rock cafe ... doing what cina tourist do !!
 Commercialize pizza along the canal
 Some tourists souvenirs for sale
 Venice seems like is a city floaded with water .
Im surprise how well they maintain the cleanliness of the water here

 The gondola ride ... the "tourist trap" .
Please do ride on them - coz the experience worth every penny!!
 It never seizes  to amaze me with all the small canals , bridges and streets

 Water fountain - of course my dad did not drink from them ...
He is just too clean freak to try them ...

 Quiet canal in the evening when the tourists left ...

 Remind me of the movie " The Tourist" ... such romantic movie.
 I haven't been to Paris .. but i think this place is call for Romance.

 When i ask a friend of mine who went to Europe few years ago and he also told me that Venice is beautiful .

 Maybe next time i will come back here and dine beside the canal . So romantic

Travel Venice : The Must Do in Venice - Gondola Ride

We did what every tourists was ask to do --- > THE GONDOLA RIDE !!!
Everyone was telling us a MUST to go on these ride ..even tot it cost $90 for 30 minutes .
On the 2nd day in Venice , towards the evening , we went looking around for gondola and found this one.

Towards the evening , most of the tourists left pretty quiet around Venice... weather was so much cooler .

 Below will be lots of pictures spamming this post ... by paying $90 , have to take lots of pictures

Daddy happily taking pictures .....

During the ride , we saw pigeon struggling and drowning .. and our boat guy manage to use his paddle to dig out this guy ...
He was lucky to meet us ...

I do suggest that do go for the gondola ride in the evening ... is very quiet and romantic
And i am so surprise that the water in Venice is so well maintain and clean.
I can say that is worth every cents..
No regret taking this ride ... the experience is really something ...

lucky we didnt kiam siap and skip this ride leh

He even show us where they shoot the movie by Angelina Jolie

End of our 30 mins ride ...
last pics of us on the sampan

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