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Travel Europe 2017 : The Accademia Florence

28 Sept 2017 : 2nd day in Florence , we planned to visit Accademia and Uffizi Gallery.

From our place , we took the bus ride for around 10 minutes and stop at San Marco square before walking 5 minutes to the gallery .

 everyone was taking pic - so we also have to take pic lo.
 duno what building is this but in Florence, everywhere are either museums or galleries ... t
 This is the place ... we were there before 8am and you can already see the line building up .
Their opening hour is 8.15am.
Since i know that during our visit is peak season , i booked a reserve ticket for extra $4/ person .
The entree ticket is $8.

 our slot is at 8.15am .We have to collect the tickets at the counter. The line wasn't long , thank god.

 By 8.15am , we are already inside the gallery. Lucky not many people ...
To get in here , we need to go through scanning of our belongings , maybe scared people robs these previous paintings

 Along the walkway towards David's  , there are few of Michelangelo's partially finish statues.
According to their websites , these statues are Basilica of St. Peter’s in rome. 
 spamming pics of us with the famous David

 In real life , the statues of David is very impressive ... you can observe the details of the artist ...
I always tot that the statues is life size ... but this is huge ... i think is around 17fts in height.

 side view of the statues

 nearby the david statues are some paintings from the 15th and 16th century .

 more of micelangelo's art

 When we are back at the main gallery around 10am can see such huge crowds coming in is to come early ... like US !!!

 these are paintings from the Hall Florentine Art Gothic.

 Another famous sculptor - rape of the sabines.

 Upstairs are the musical instruments museum
 lots of ancients instruments

After a while , you will get very bored . Coz their painting method all nearly the same theme . Always Madonna , Jesus , churches ...

However the David's is a must to visit. There's one replica outside Palazzo della SignoriaFlorence but you must see the original .
Since already in Florence , just pay $12 to see the original sculpture ....

Tickets can be brought online : Accademia Gallery Official Website
Opening hour : 8.15am- 6.20pm

Recommendation : Do go early to avoid the crowds. If you notice in my previous post , Europe folks wakes up pretty late around 10 am .We notice asians always are the earliest visiting around .
So start your day early , if you want to capture those photograhic pictures with no one around

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