Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Survive First Month with Hannah

This Friday will be Hannah's fullmoon (chinese celebrate baby girl fullmoon 1 day before the actual date)

Such a short time , we roughly can see her character .

She takes she sweet time to drink her milk. She takes nearly 45 minutes to finish 3oz of milk.
She can be very determine . We put her on tummy time and she try her best to lift her head. She able to lift her head during the 1st week . So proud of her.

She loves bathing in bath tub but hates to wash her hair. 

During this one month , we face so many dramas .
First would be the conflict with my parents in law .(super drama - clinch of the though of seeing them next month)
Than i got hospitalized for 2 days (suspected due to hemorrhoid)
Hannah's jaundice

Our confinement lady leaving this Friday also and this will be the actual start of our parenthood journey.
Finally the day have come when we have to jaga her .

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Langkawi 2016 : La Chocolatime Review

La Chocolatime is one of the places that we wanted to try but never get to . 
If i remember correctly we went there around 2pm on our 2nd day in Langkawi. 
There wasnt many people . Only a couple and us only.

We were surprise at the spread available.

They have 2 types of sitting area - porch area and aircon area .
The aircon area a bit too dim and claustrophobic so we ended up sitting outside.

I ordered some french pastry since still quite full from breakfast.
each of us order a pot of tea since they have policy that we cannot share.
I did order a choc macaroons also.

After tea we went to walk along the famous Cenang beach.

Hannah : 1 week at Home

Hannah's first week at home was really interesting especially on the first day itself where non of our parents or confinement lady is here to help out.

This is shortie - trying to have a peak of her new sister

First formula milk that i mix - of course with instruction from nurse. 

First BM pumping fail . 

Her first bonding with daddy when i brought her into our room the first time.

Trying to handfeed her my BM - ended up her mouth looking like that .

 More bonding session with Hannah and Daddy.

 When we brought her home , she wasn't jaundice but after the 5th day , we notice her skin is a bit yellow. Therefore ended up at the klinik kesihatan(KK).
 Hannah and my mom waiting for her turn in the KK
 BM yield after 5 days .

Monday, August 1, 2016

Hannah Birth Story

I would like to introduce a new member of our family : Ms Hannah Chan

This picture is taken by my FIL yesterday during their visit to the klinik kesihatan for her blood test.

This post is about her birth story . I need to jot it down asap before i forget. 

She is born on the 27 July 2016 in Island Hospital through induction .

During the last few weeks of pregnancy , i was secretly telling Hannah not to come up first before my maternity leave starts because of my coating project not started yet .
I really hoping to at least observe the first production run after my 8 months of hard work and the late nights put up at office . 

I was lucky that after so many delays , the first production started on the 14 July and i manage to observe the run . However on the 21 July , i started to get inconsistent contraction and sent was home. 
The following week, 22 July onwards, i decided to work from home as i was having on and off contractions . On Monday 25 July that week , we went for the checkup with Dr Eric and he suggest that we proceed to induce the labor latest by Wed , 27 July since is her expected date and he prefer not to delay anymore in case of fetal distress . 

last bump shoot !!

So on 27 July early in the morning , we left our house at 7.00am . I still have cravings for fast foods so went to tapao mcmuffin and ribena . We reach Island Hospital around 7.30am and head over for administration registration . 

We were sent directly to the delivery room at 8.30am .

8.30am , we headed to the delivery room which is on the 1st floor and first thing was to change in the hospital scrub . The midwife insert this gel thing into the anus to berak out everything . So effective the gel cause after 5 minutes , the effect took place and i empty my bowel like 2 times .

Midwife hook me up with CTG and i was already having consistent minor contraction. 

Dr Eric came around 9.30am and ask me lie down and without saying anything , he immediately burst my water bag. Super painful leh . After the burst the bag , he insert this rod into the V.
He left immediately after that.
The midwife start to prep me for labor by insert the Iv drip.

Just look at the IV needle - i think the diameter is nearly 1.5mm

I asked for the epidural before they start to induce the labor . In my opinion , why wait until super pain only call the dr for epidural . 
I ask the midwife for opinion on which dr she recommended and she recommend Dr Lee . I was glad that Dr Lee did my epidural . I think he is very friendly and chatty .
During the procedure , he patiently explain each steps and he is good in distracting me from the needle .
I barely feel the pain the needle. He did inject local anesthetic to numb the pain before inserting the needle into the spinal cord.  
Even the IV needle is more painful . 

Around 10.30am , they started the pitocin drip to start the induction .

Me - chilling out while waiting for my contraction ...

At 12.30pm , Dr eric came to check with cervix and already dilated around 3-4pm.
Throughout my labor i was having bad nausea ( consistently vomited for 4-6 times ) and also bad shivering. According to the midwife is the side effect of the epidural.

The midwife keep increasing the level of the pitocin to increase the contraction intensity to shorten the labor .

By 3pm - cervix check with dilation around 7cm .

Both of us waiting for cervix to fully dilate - Marcus is playing his card game. Syok betul

And by 4pm ,cervix fully dilated .
Dr Eric arrive at 4pm and start to ask me to push . I was like ...i cant even feel my legs , how to push la ...
So after trying for like 15 minutes , dr give up asking me to push and use vacuum suction to assist the labor ... 
Hannah was born at 4.20pm weighting 3.1kg. 
Dr did the episotomy to avoid any tear. Thank god for epidural as i couldn't feel anything during the sewing.

Both of us looks like shit here :> 

After labor , i did not do any skin to skin or breast feeding as i was having bad nausea and  just wanted to sleep .Did not manage to see her until the next day during lunch time . 

Lepaking in our room the next day

After effect of labor sucks . I was having problem to even lift my butt due to the episiotomy wound. 
They did insert the catheter which is good. I sleep throughout the night .

Next morning Dr eric visited and check on my scar and force me to get off the bed to walk around. The 1st day was a pain in the ass ... cant imagine the pain for those tht gone through c-sec. 
The painkillers doesn't really help much . 

We was discharge on 29 July together with this pretty lady .
Thank god for smooth delivery and fast delivery .

I did ignore the nurse for breast feeding right after delivery and few hours after delivery cos i feeling like shit .
I didint get to see Hannah until the afternoon next day when we ask the nurse to bring her in for feeding.

Marcus chilling out playing his game while i took my first step out of the bed the next day after delivery

One of the meal from the hospital .All the hospital food provided really tastely.

Candlelight dinner - last night in hospital .
I choose western meal - steam fish fillet with mash potato and chicken cream soup.

Cheers to both of us !! job well done and looking forward to next stage in life.

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