Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur - My Room Mate 's Wedding

My roommate from UTM finally is getting married .
Her wedding is held on 21 March 2015 , in Saujana Resort Kuala Lumpur , located near Subang Airport .

Her wedding starts with a church ceremony at 5pm , at the garden.

Here comes the bride and groom .

Manage to catch a shot - while waiting for the ceremony to start. Thank god that the weather is not that hot...just humid.

Baby Sophia- Steven's baby gal -
After a short 1 hour ceremony ( pretty fast) , we headed to the dinner hall  . While waiting for the dinner to start , they have photobooth area , desserts tables and cocktails serve outside the restaurant area.

the theme - old school sweets . I guess most of them are suku kia favs .
 More- photobooth props

Overall dinner didn't taste very nice . Maybe as they say no pork ??
Foods are very bland especially the bird nest crab soup . It taste like crab meat+ corn flour water .

Brought back some of the super cute tic tac mint 

 AND .... tons tons of photo shoot -- camon!! is free .
Suku was like ...faster take as much as possible .

 So glad that she is finally married to her dream guy .
Hope her to breed and fulfill her dreams

Mikey's New York Pizza Bangsar

Bangsar is one fuk up place . This place is filled up with people that it takes like nearly 30 mins just to find parking at BSC. Not yet include the time of turning around , jamming around to get into BSC. 

Parking for BSC , if i remember is 1st hour RM3.00 . Total paid for this makan trip is RM8.
Neway , Mikey's pizza is located right opposite "the famous" antipodean cafe .
We wanted to try this place for a very long time .. since my cousin showing off her pictures in FB . 

Conversation with sis :
Me : did you see the pic post by PX ? 
Sis : wat pic ?
Me : the pic of her makan in Mikey's pizza 
(me , proceed to show her wat is mikey's pizza) 
Me : Takan a college kid can afford to go eat in Bangsar and we both working adults cant afford. Fuk it ....we must go there n try .

This is how we ended up in Bangsar. 

This place is one the only one that selling pizza by slice

 They are self service , so you have to decide what you want to eat and head over to the counter to place your order and pay .
 They will give you this plate and wait for your pizza to be serve
 See how huge the pizza ..

Total damage RM37.90 . 
Honestly it was slightly disappointing . Pizza taste good but not superb. 
Worth a try to see what 's the hyper .

And btw ....we went on Sat lunch and there are no waiting . 


17, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Open today · 12:00 – 11:00 pm

Bella Marino Pulau Tikus

Got bored again !! with hawker food and western food so went searching the net and found this place , Bella Marino located in Pulau Tikus .

Thanks to the wonderful creating of Waze , we manage to get there within 30 mins from our place .
This restaurant is not located along Pulau Tikus but some small lorong that you have to turn in.

They have intensive range of pasta and pizza .

 They also do provide olive oil
bruschetta as appetizer : RM12.00
Loves the amount of garlic , soft crunchy bread . Prefer if they sprinkle some cheese on top.
 Main dish : Pepperoni pizza - top with rocket salad
loves loves loves the rocket leaves flavors . The pizza base is slightly thin but the amount of tomatos puree just balance
 Linguinie Connovata - creamy cajun taste with scallops and prawns. Dont really like it , but the prawns are very very fresh .

 Total bills RM90.50
Mid range price
Quality wise slightly normal - of course better than pizza huts
But this definitely cannot beat Via Pre

Opening hours : 11am -11pm

I went on wed night so we did not make reservation . The place is half full on Wed night .

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Joey Yap 2015 Feng Sui Seminar

Last 2 weeks , we both attended joey yap feng sui seminar in Straits Quay .The seminar started at 9am to 5pm . Im surprise so many many people attended the seminars ...including lots osramers . 

the seminars divided into few sections - Bazi reading , flying starts diagram , Qi men dun jia .
Honestly , i didint believe in flying starts diagram , Qi men dun jia . However for Bazi , i kindda think is some sort of Chinese calculation studies. 

The only main reason i attend is mainly for entertainment ... 

So this is my 2015 bazi chart according to my birth date . According to this year reading , since 1 have 2 woods on the top side , shows that i will have money to spend n  i also need to buy more assets . 1 wood at the bottom shows i will have good cash flow . Actually thats all i remember ... kekeke ... overall good year 

Ohhh ya ...another thing is if rooster appear in the bottom of the charts shows that you will have a bad year this year . 

There is one lady in the audience which have all roosters in her chart ...oohhhhhmyyyy ...i was like ...ok boy year i am not coming anymore .... if you have so call bad chart ..i don't think anyone wants to find that out either .  

Next is flying starts diagram  - which direction of the house is good .. 
so this year , good location is at the north star ( wealth star )  and bad area is at the west . 
Those who takes it seriously can activate the north area of your house by renovation or moving furniture in tht particular area of your house. 

i find joey yap really entertaining . He is definitely a very good speaker .
If compare joey yap and lilian too... i find this guy make more sense . I mean lilian women philology of feng sui is rubbish .

Shopping Spree : Ultrasonic Humidifier & Iphone 6 ss

I dunno what's gone thru my mind ....i am so spendthrift lately. 
It was like more than 6 months ago , i was eyeing on this humidifier / aroma diffuser . Due to the price tag , i "em sek tak " buy . RM100plus for this things - i find the price tag is ridiculous.

anyhow - i decided , this month is the month of spurging and spending something for myself . So i brought this from lazada . 

RM187.00 ( free shipping  yah hoo)

It has a auto timer of 60 , 120 or 180 mins and have different colour light up .There are many many different models to choose from but i choose this one due to it water capacity. It able to store 500mL of water . So for lazy people - this is super good news ... 

However this thing require weekly maintenance . You have to clean the inside surface to avoid clogging the ultrasonic disk .

The colour so pretty . The mist has 2 different settings - low and high . I dont see much different between these 2 settings .
Finally my home is free some shortie's smelly BO !!!

Next is my early birthday ( 31th birthday) gift from Marcus ... thank you baby
Got an i phone 6 plus(16GB GOLD)  with sign up package of rm150 per month .

If you have maybank / heongleong credit card , you entitle 12 months 0% payment.. which cost only RM 144 !!

i wanted one for so many years and i didint even buy it for myself . I couldn't justify to myself to pay for such expensive phone .
I mean a phone is just for call and texting . Why do you need so expensive phone rite ?
However since someone is giving it to me for free ... why not ?

Friday, March 6, 2015

Homemade Steamboat 2015 2nd Day of Chinese New Year Celebration 2015

Steamboat session - 2nd day of CNY . Is always a tradition for us to have at least one session of steamboat every Chinese new year. 
Steamboat is a very good dish for CNY because it makes everyone sit down at least for 30 mins bcos you have to cook your foods . 
Normal modern family , due to lack of time  , normally we are train to eat very very very fast . This steamboat is kindda like a bonding session within us family members. 

we are waiting for food to be prepare ...

Ah Kor posing with a huge basket of veges

they both looks so alike .... look more like sisters than cousins ..
family picture ..opps miss out uncle head !
dont mind .. all of us are in our pajamas !!

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