Sunday, March 25, 2018

Travel Florence : Airbnb

Our last airbnb stay in Florence is at this place .. Prime Apartments - Carraia

Our host Florjan ...whom we did not meet during check in was very helpful before , during and after the trip.

His apartment is located in the centre of florance. Everywere is walking distance in Florance but with our heavy luggage , we took a cab from the train station to his apartment. 

We meet his friend during the check-in .. 
The place do not have aircon but comes with table fan. 
 Is a one room bedroom apartment and a living/dining room .
It also comes with a working kitchen.
We stayed here for 4 nights before depart back to KL

 This is where i sleep at night and where our family spend time
 small kitchen

 Our apartment on the 2nd floor .. The stairs up to the apartment is painfully small and with my parents huge luggages , is crazy to bring those up and down the apartment.
 I loves the small cobble pathway in Florence... so so italy.

 Les s than 10 mins from our apartment is Cathedral

 see the beautiful celling paintings ...

 Huge huge huge door
 walking along the small alley

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