Saturday, April 23, 2016

Germany 2016 : Altstadthotel Arch Regensburg Hotel Review Part 2 Breakfast

I ate this spread for the next 5 days .They never change their spread !!! 

 Juices and water available(both sparking and still water)
German's loves their sparking water .
 coffee machine that i did not try ... bad experience in Korea .
Their coffee too strong until whole night cannot sleep

 tea making area
 a lot of variety ...

 yogurt and mix cut fruits

 cooked breakfast

 cold cuts and cheese

 my fav ..on the right . German brown bread .
taste superb with cream cheese

 breakfast cake . Taste a bit weird
 lots of varieties of jam . Love it so much

this is what i eat every morning . Same kind of food .
No wonder i get constipation la . German's dont like their greens

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Germany 2016 : Altstadthotel Arch Regensburg Hotel Review Part 1

Since this trip is super last minute and peak season , i have to change like 3 different hotels during my 2 week stay in Regensburg .

My first hotel is Altstadthotel Arch , located in the center of the old town. This hotel is very near to the stone bridge and also the Gothic Cathedral.

Very very good location and is not cheap also . Around Euro 95 per night.

I arrive at the hotel early in the morning at 8 am and since unable to check in , i drop my luggage bag and went off for exploring.
The room that i got is facing the back alley . I think is the 3rd floor .
The lift only reach the 2nd floor , so i still have to drag my luggage up to the 3rd floor . Super jiat lat.
Summo the walk way so dark .
Really looks creepy , like those haunted hotel.
I got so used to those modern hotels that these kind of old traditional hotel is just turn off.

Just look at the bed , only 1 thin blanket and a pillow.
small bathroom with shower . Lucky the water is very strong . However the draining sucks

complimentary sparking water , only on the first day
my grand father old tv ..

Heater ... this room only has heater . If you wan air circulation , open up the window !!!
But since my hotel is facing the back alley and restaurant super noisy

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Japan 2015 : Kuromon Market

On the 2nd last day ...we visited Kuromon Market for breakfast .
Actually we accidentally stumble on the market while walking from our hotel to the Dotonbori .

Opens around 10 something in the morning until evening ...depends on each shop

 lots of liquor drinks

 we arrive early after breakfast and there are still not many people .

 saw live puffer fishes on sale .

 This market also do sell lots of cooked foods

 cut fruits ...really expensive ... but regretted did not brought one of the melon
 However i brought one small box of strawberries and it tasted really nice

 sea urchins .. somehow japan selling lots of fresh seafoods like this one .

 Fresh abalones too
 You can either buy them back fresh or have the chef prepare for u live

 another thing that we saw is snow crabs ....

 In the end ... we ordered from one of the shop - which have bbq snow crab legs and craws ...
 so juicy and fresh ..first time eating something so nice

To get here , is around 10 mins walk from Nippombashi station ext 10 .
Ask around for direction , japanese people are really friendly or just turn on your google map.

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