Sunday, October 14, 2018

Bangkok 2018 : Lunch at Jamie's Italian Bangkok

First day in Bangkok , we went for lunch/tea time at Jamie's Italian at Bangkok Siam Discovery.
Thanks to eatigo - we have 50% off everything on the menu ...which is a damm good offer.

 We reach around 3/4pm and not many people was dining there .
 Always wanted to try this famous restaurant .... and i can say that they are super kids friendly ....!!!
Look at the activities ( eyeglashes and crayons ) for kids to keep occupy while waiting for foods to be serve.

 M busy entertaining baby

 They even have this badge for kids

 We ordered bruschetta which is SUPERB ...very unique way of making it ... love love it so much
 We were also served warm bread with butter - only brought to us when i ask the waiter =_=
 ordered prawn linguinne ..
 And Carne pizza to share
Overall i think the pasta was ok - but don't really like the textures as i think is handmade so it didnt taste so boucy ...
Pizza was good as ever ...
is really worth the try ...
Total bill after discount comes up to $B873.33 - which is a bit on the pricey range

Location : SIam discovery Bangkok
Ground floor
opening 11.30am to 10.30pm daily

So do drop by ....

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