Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Recap of year 2019 and 2020

Another end of year blog post on what happen in 2019 and what should i be thankful for in year 2019

2019 is a wonderful wonderful year for me. I am very thankful for all the blessing from God so far . He is very kind for me and my family.

Here's some of the "big" things that happen this year :

May 2019 : Visited Tasmania + Melbourne with Marcus , Mummy n Daddy
This is our yearly family trip ... Tasmania is one of the amazing place that i ever visit. Really loves loves loves the nature here.

July 2019 :
-Found out that we are expecting another family member .
We were so happy that Hannah will be having a sister to play with .

-Sister in law got married also in July... so happy for her
-Visited Phuket Club Med with Hannah.
First time she perform in front of a crowd .. really really proud of her

Sept 2019 :
Another family trip with mummy n daddy but this time we brought Hannah along to Lost world of Tambun

Oct 2019 : Yearly Bangkok trip with Sis

Dec 2019:
First time in years where we spend time back in Subang during Christmas . 5 days in Subang is a huge deal for us

Things i should be thankful for in year 2019:
1. My sideline job is picking up. Thankful for the job opportunities given which i able to cover back my tuition fees
2. Pregnant with baby Sara . I always wanted a rat kid and thank god for the blessing that baby2 is on the way
3. Still employed in Osram
4. Marcus Chess Academy is doing well . Business is also picking up for Marcus
5. My family and his family healthy and happy

When we were younger ...we were constantly expose to this Wawasan 2020 .. I always remember looking forward to 2020 and this year we are at 2020 .

Things im looking forward to in year 2020 :
1. Welcoming Sara into my little family
2.  Continue to grow Jenny Makeup
3. Continue to grow Marcus Chess Academy
4. Visiting Budapest in April

Friday, November 22, 2019

Pregnancy Baby 2 Diary Week 24

Baby 2 is 24 weeks this week. Which is towards the end of the 2nd trimester.
I really can't wait for another 2 months .
Work was already tough (sub-con style) and a 3 year old toddler . With no help at home , all these are really draining out my energy.

1st trimester for baby 2 was worst than the 1st pregnancy.
More burping and gas and also tiredness.
The long working hours and pregnancy makes me so tired that i fall sleep everyday around 10pm. Sometimes i will come home after work at 7pm and take a quick nap before head out for dinner .

2nd trimester was much much better.
Firstly is pregnancy bump is showing and i loves the attention that i am getting
And ... i think the energy and the gas is reduce by a lot .
Less burping and farting ... opps

But i guess both trimester my appetite is all up. Gain 5kg up to now ... emm
i wonder how i going to loose all those weights.

Tasmania : Enchanted Trail Cradle Mountain

Since we reach cradle mountain and checked in pretty early around 4pm. We head over to the Tasmania devil's sanctuary to buy the night ticket before proceed for a short walk on Enchanted trail.

 Saw the wallaby ... 

 everyone wants to take pic of this little guy
 At the start of the short walk . As you can see the sky already getting dark . Actually is just around 5pm

 very very pretty

Loves the moss on the trees ... feel so magical .
Feels like your in some enid blytonn stories

Short walk too 20 -30 mins with all the stops and taking photos .
Sky pretty dark around 5.30pm and we headed to our next stop - the Tasmania Devil's Sanctuary

Tasmania 2019 : Accommodation Discovery Park Cradle Mountain

We booked a cabin accommodation though expedia for 2 nights at Discovery Park Cradle Mountain  .
Is a 2 room cabin which cost us rm350 per night . Pretty reasonable as it comes with cooking facilities.
Stayed in cabin 23 
Picture outside our cabin. So cute rite ?

 Very basic cabin. The cabin is very clean and compact. Just nice for 4 of us.

 Kitchen with an oven
 room 1 where me and marcus seat. The bed below is very soft so end up staying on the top bed
 mummy and daddy sleep here
 one common bathroom

 some cooking facilities

 they have PS4 and DVD player. You can rent some DVD from the check in counter.

fav part ... a real fireplace

Tasmania 2019 : Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm Cafe and Ashgrove Cheese

On our way to Cradle Mountain , we stop by this place for a break for ice cream.
Almost every blog recommend us to stop here so why not rite ?
It is just 1-1.5 hours journey from Launceston .

 Yup ...we had ice cream ... and the ice cream dont melt ...hahaha
Eating ice cream in cold weather not tht pleasant .

 They have an area for kids to play .. maybe next time when Hannah is more well behave
 pretty empty and they have heater . Actually we finish most of the ice cream indoor instead as the weather outside too cold for ice cream
 nice walk around the farm

 view outside the farm
 daddy with his purchase of raspberry and blackberry .
The whole box only cost rm20. .... so cheap
One thing bout my parent is that they will go haunt the cheapest fruits at every country and eat like tons of it .. until they lausai
 Next stop : Ashgroove Cheese ... we suppose to stop here for lunch .. but ...
 all cheese cheese cheese only ...

 and of course some cheese junk foods
 damm a lot of free tester ... and mum feel bad and end up brought like 2 pieces of cheese back to eat with our wine

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