Thursday, June 18, 2020

Daddy got Stage 4 Bladder Cancer

We all got the bad news on 18 June 2020 from Daddy . He went for CT scan on 17 June and 18 June he got the result and it doesnt look good at all.

Summary from the report stated that his bladder walls already thicken up to 1.8cm (means infected) with nodes and also enlargement of prostate . At the liver there's also growth of 3cm (2 biji) .
Basically the cancer spread from the bladder till the liver . A rough recommendation from the radiologist treatment is to go for chemo. However he still need to go see a oncologist which scheduled on 24 June.

When i called him on the evening , he voice sounded positive . However for me ... i was really heartbroken .Stage 4 cancer is consider advantage stage cancer and based on statistic only less than 5% survive in the next 5 years .I was crying my eyes out ... he might not be around to see Sara and Hannah grow up.

To let everyone know , my dad is the most healthiest person i ever know. He don't smoke and don't drink. He exercise everyday . Eat lots of fruits , antioxidant supplements and very healthy choice of foods which means no fast foods , fried foods or junk foods.
He is the only person i know that ask me to throw away the chicken skin when we eating KFC !!
When he got diagnose with cancer , i was in shock mode. How can anyone so healthy get cancer.
If any of us got cancer , we have some explanation .. but HIM ??  Near impossible.
Non of our family members got cancer either.

So what now ??
We are seeking options !! Any kind of options for treatment especially non chemo ...

Ohh yaa... I am going back next week to celebrate my birthday at home . I hope next week don't be the last birthday i spend with him

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