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London 2016 : British Museum

One of my checklist to visit is The British Museum. On the 2nd last day of my trip here...manage to drop by for half day. 
Thank god for google map ...manage to spot this place.Took the tube toTottenham Court Road  and 500m walk to the museum with the help of google map .

The museum enttree is free ... however if your feeling generous or just having too much money - you can give them a donation ... me of course ... short of both ...gladly enter for free. 

Why visit the british museum - cause they have extensive exhibits around the world ... collected especially during the British Invaders time.
So glad to see this entrance...

 Royal Gold Cup or Saint Agnes Cup, made in Paris, France, 1370–80 AD

The british museum is huge ... 

 some corpse

 huge walls taken from somewhere

 Main visit to the museum is to visit this place .... the Egyptian exhibits
 can see the mummies

real live mummies ... 

very very well preserve mummies ... however morally i think is so wrong lo . People die laio ..should let them die in peace ma ... 
These people ar ... dig them up than put them in the glass exhibit for everyone to see. 
However their collection is very impressive . First time see 

 Column from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Turkey, early 4th century BC (taken from wiki) 
Damm keng - take people puunya temple column !!! 
 Colossal statue of Amenhotep III, c. 1370 BC
 Dinning area ... where i had my lunch
 Rosetta Stone  Rosetta_Stone Wiki

 Panel with striding lion made from glazed bricks, Neo-Babylonian, Nebuchadnezzar II, Southern Iraq, 604-562 BC

 Proud to be Malaysia :>

 some tomb - their exhibit no cover you can touch them , lean on them or even sit on them ... even tot there's a sign say no touching.

The Easter head status ... asked by my sis to go have a look !!!
Easter Island statue Hoa Hakananai'aWellcome Trust Gallery, 1000 AD

So worth spending half a day there ... wish to have more time and space . 
Maybe should read more old historical ifnromation before visiting this museum . Some of the history sound very foreign to me ..

British Museum opening hour 10am-5.30pm(everyday) , friday until 8.30pm
I wish i has more time to loan the audio guide - only $6 per person.

UK 2016 - Visit to Bath

We manage to drop by Bath UK ..roughly around 1.5-2 hours ride from Bristol ...and with google map- it brought us there using some small kampung road =_=

We reach bath around 4pm something and the last entry was 5pm and we  were rushing to find the entrance of the bath ... 
Ticket adult $15 .... 

Entrance of the bath 

View from the top 
View from the top 
View from the bottom

Lucky manage to follow a free tour

miniature bath buildings
AUDIO commentary ... didint really listen to them . Too cheong hei laio

2 pretty old roman bath ladies

see the peddle stones original

old coins found at the bath sites ... used to enter the romans bath 
View outside the roman bath .. 

I came out around after 1.5 hours ...lucky still in time to shop . Serounding the bath area has lots of small international brands shops ... such a H&M ,Mark and spencer, Boots .... so many ...lucky manage to went to boots to shop for more makeup ... 

Seriously makeup in UK is damm cheap ... even with convertion ..and sometimes i forgot to convert ... kekekek 

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