Friday, December 26, 2014

Things to be Thankful for in 2014

In another 3 days or so , will be the end of 2014 . I can't believe that another year just pass by so fast . Another year older and maybe wiser , hopefully ?

Looking back through 2014 , is a pretty laid back year for me compare to last few years ...

Summary of 2014: 

Teariest Moments / Depression Moments :

1. My red betta fish from Bangkok pass away due to fungus infection 
2. 3% increment - lowest ever in my career (time to looks for other options or .... just stay contented) 
3.Hard work and stress doesn't necessary being appreciated .

What i would like to be thankful this in 2014 :
1. Happy and healthy family both marcus and my side 
2. Almost all my 4 legged / 2 legged family members are healthy ( shortie , Sunny and Bryan) . Min visit to the vet  especially Shortie .
3.Visited Perth with family - one of the nicest places i ever visit , remind me of San Fran 
4. I am a Godmother to my best fren's daughter 
5. Marcus's career took off pretty well whole year with his students winning all the top prizes 
6. KY finally propose to sis , which finally she is getting married 
7. Dryer - a gift from Marcus's mom
8. " New " car - finally change my car from my beloved daihatsu to my myvi 

Things to look forward to next year :
1. Just sign up for 9 months gym membership - hopefully able to loose back the 3kg gain from Agilent 
2. Selling off some of our assets - hopefully is the right move - after getting tons of hints from him 
3. Career wise , next move SSL or stay ? Pray and believe that everything that happen is for a purpose .
4. Visiting Taiwan(Family trip) and Krabi(wedding anniversary) 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

3% Increment in Osram

I'm going to rant about my this year performance review . I am so f**cking disappointed .
 This is like the one of lowest point in my life .Kindda of feeling pretty lost right now .

Last mon , my boss give me the result for my this year performance . And what i get is 3% .
Da hell !!!  

Even inflation is much higher than this  . Even my tech getting much higher than this !!
This is the lowest i ever get in my whole entire career .
I guess working hard , standing whole day in production line doesn't really count to him or the company .

I hope he get the hint when i told him that even agilent pay me higher than this .
Even tot how much i hated the agilent job , i am now even thinking of going back there . Maybe not as PME but prob in project management

Grandma House Flooded

Today morning , dad whatapps me these pics 

Horror , that's grandma house in KB , flooded with tea tarik water . Gross 
Can you see how high the water level rises up to ?? Is nearly 3 ft . 
Apparently the water flow from the higher ground area to kb ...  
Worst part is all business in those area has stopped and everyone just sit round the house waiting for the water to subside .
And they cut off the electricity .

Plan B Queensbay Penang

Plan B is one of the famous hangout in for people in PJ/Subang area . According to sis , this place doesnt serve very good food . But in Penang , since we do not get many choices here and to have PLAN B open in Penang is heavenly .

On Christmas eve morning , marcus & i headed early to QB for breakfast in Plan B. We reach nearly 10am .
Lucky the place is still very very empty .

 I really love the decos here , remind me of pics from pin interest .
Sadly after browsing thru the breakfast menu, we decided to come back in another 1 hour when they are ready to serve the lunch/brunch menu.

 the waiter that serve us was very friendly . Maybe we his first customer of the day.

 2 caffe latte RM10/cup
 marcus ordered oglio speg ... not very favourful

my meal : The loaded club sandwich RM26 . Doesn't taste very impressive either !!

My verdict , environment thumb up , food wise pretty disappointing. Total bill RM71 ++
Expensive for brunch especially  when u ordered meatless speg and breads .

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Giffy Pizza Burma Street

Giffy pizza is located along Burma road ...i pass by this restaurant so so many times however i didint though of stopping by to try it out .

After seeing review from Ken blog , according to him this place is owe by 2 Italian guys  , i headed to this place last weekend.

 This restaurant is very very small and narrow entrance . Prop suitable for takeaway than dine-in. When we enter , we saw 2 local malay guys greeted us ... i was like ....where are those Italians ?
We headed up to the 2nd floor where they have a few tables for those who interested to dine-in .

 We ordered Capricious pizza RM25
 Stair case leading to the 2nd floor , pretty narrow and can be dangerous for young kids

 Whole 2nd floor dinning area .

 our pizza finally arrive after waited nearly 20 mins . Taste wise , i loves the pizza crust and amount of cheese. However the tomato sauce taste pretty bland .

 I guess they both took over the business from the italians ...
sob sob ...i tot i can cuci mata over some "hot" Italians

Nice pizza place with reasonable pizza prices ( no service& government tax) . However i will not return . Even dominos taste better

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pawathon - Straits Quay 14 Dec 2014

This sun is the first dog run in Penang , organized by 4PAW Penang .
Since the run starts at 7.30am , we woke up at 6.30am and headed to straits quay .

 We were pretty late as we only arrive at 7.15am. We prop one of the last one to arrive and register.

 Marcus & shortie-  posing for the camera ready to run

 The famous 3 legged dog - one of the 4PAWS  resident 
 Shortie new friend
 Waiting at the starting point ... running distance 1.5km
 Start run
 Shortie feeling very enthusiastic
 A poodle in tutu in front of us
 We were kindda one of the few last participant - enjoying ourself walking along the jogging path while smelling the sea breeze

 Another beauty
 Shortie is soo tired .....after just 1.5km of walking .....

 finishing metal - i am so proud of you shortie

 Collecting goodie bag
 free refreshment after the run ( 3 pieces of kuih)

 Inside the goodie bag- loves the wool toy
 family selfie
 shortie finishing medal
 one of the participant ridding her dog in a bicycle basket.
 Founder of 4PAWS -Barbara Janssen 
 Again another pic with the 3 legged guy
 We are finish the run around 8.30am and waited for the lucky draw at 9.30 . Sadly we did not win anything !! never mind , next year again .
 next activities - agility performance. Very interesting even tot there's some mistakes by the dogs ....

 shortie's new bf ....keep bugging her n smelling her ass . However i guess he's not shortie type . This guy is just too BEAUTIFUL !!
We headed home at around 10am without waiting for the prize giving and 2nd round lucky draw.

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