Monday, January 25, 2021

Update on Daddy's cancer Journey 25 Jan 2021

 Daddy's cancer treatment is not looking well at all . Even with 2nd chemo treatment , is not looking well at all. The cancer cells does not react to any chemo and is killing of his cell slowly.

Last 2 weeks (12 Jan ) daddy was admitted again cause of  high fever and jaundice. He was discharge on 18 Jan . Physically he is not looking good at all. Daddy cannot even move at all, with few days in the hospital he get bed sores and when he was discharge on 18 Jan , he was on the wheelchair . He's body is deteriorating at a very fast rate. 

We rush home the next day when we found out that he was admitted.Did not manage to visit him as they do not allowed any visitors due to MCO and also because daddy's white blood cell is single digit. Thank god able to see him on the day he was discharge .

Being away in Penang makes me feel helpless and sad . I hope i able to be there for him soon and to share the burden with sis and mom. I am so thankful that Pei is there to bring him for all the treatment and hospital visit. Praying everyday  that my wish will come true soon. 

Last Friday (22 Jan) , daddy starts his 1 week of radiotherapy treatment . The scan shows rhat the number of cancer cell increases in his liver which explained why he is having jaundice. Now we are given 2 options , HITV and erdafitinib. Praying hard that at least one of them works 

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