Saturday, August 24, 2013

Mosaic Part 2

Continue from last post ....

 Here are the japanese section - however the selection is pretty little ..only one table top
 Indian section ---didint try any except the biryani rice . The others - one look at them already make my tummy half full
 The grill section: the pizza is superb , however the satay and the chicken really dry
 Many grill meat choices
 Side dishes at the grill station  : the mash potato is really superb
 Chinese section
 Soup : cant remember what's the name of these soups , however both pretty normal
 Loves this fish ......maybe seldom got the chance to makan fish in penang.
 My favorite - Ceasar salad station - kudos for the croutons and the bacon ....
However they do not have oil soak anchovies - shit you !!!

 Chinese noodles section : ddint try any of these
 Curry mee --- according to Marcus pretty nice -

 Choc dipped pops

 Another fav - ice creams -- super creamy however not sweet -

Total damange : RM290 -inclusive of tax ...for 2 person .....most expensive meal EVER !!!
For me to come back again - might not ......too pricey for the spread !

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yong Tat Seafood-Klang Outing with Aunty & PoPo

Popo and Aunty came up to visit us last Raya .Mom brought all of us to makan this so call famous Seafood Restaurant call Yong Tat Seafoods.

 Camwhoring with popo ...
 This is the restaurant ...located at some freaking ulu place ....however surprisingly cars seems to coming in non stop.
 Bee Hoon ........yummy..
 Steam lala with garlic .....according to mummy pretty huge and juicy

 Steam chili fish ....
 My 2nd fav dishes ....steam garlic prawns

 My fav dish : Nam Heong Crab ....
Total bill comes up to RM250 for 10 people ...not bad for KL price
 Chua Family --- without me ....
The lunch gang ...

Pressroom Bangsar - Weekend with the gals

Last weekend , we  headed over to Bangsar for a night out ..... SY suggested Pressroom ...

Pressroom is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre .....

 This is my meal : Sir-lion Steak - with wine sauce and melted butter , cost RM49.00
 Trisha Fish idea what this dish name
 Su Yen's chicken dish - according to her taste very nice
 Mk's Morocco rice with beef stew ..

Lastly our dessert : Creme Bur lee with strawberry ..RM19.00

Overall superb place : 80% of the dishes are well cooked and season . The environment is also very nice especially for friends to catch up  .
The down side is the price is slightly high ....our total bill comes to RM330

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Mosaic Mandarin Oriental (Part 1)

Last Friday is Marcus 29th Birthday since we hate fine dining ...Marcus decided to go for a buffet dinner .
We was lucky that we are back in Subang . Therefore we have more buffet choices to select from ...

In the end , we decided on Mosaic , Mandarin Oriental
This place is recommended by my sis ...

The dessert bar ......

Cake ...
More cakes .....

Condiments for the ice-cream..

Closer look at Lavender Creme Brulee.
Cupcakes ...... taste horrible ...dont ever try them ..just waste 1cm3 space in your tummy
nice choccc...
This is the best part of the buffet ...unlimited supply of Mandarin Oriental Macaroon

Some nyonya kuihs

Cheesseee bar .......superb of the best spread cheesebar

continue part 2

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