Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Settlers Rest Farmstay - Swan Valley Part 2

Next morning, mom cook for us breakfast

 See how cold it is in the house ---- freezing . I have to wear socks with wrap around blanket around the house.
 Breakfast rolls ...

 Living room fireplace - not in used , only for deco.

 Xena the cow - headed towards me --- expecting for some food

 Breakfast on the farm -

 We all took some pics around the farm before we left for margaret river

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Settlers Rest Farmstay - Swan Valley Part 1

The first night, we stayed at a farmstay near Swan Valley which is about 30 minutes drive from Perth City .
Price per night $430 .

The house has 3 rooms and situated next to a farm .
 We have the whole farm ourselves 

The owner even prepare boots for us to use .

The master bedroom comes with an old fire place

2nd room - which has a queen size bed and a single bed
3rd bedroom - 2 single beds
Noted that all beds comes with a electric blanket which is very very useful. Even tot at night , the temperature drops around 13C , we find it very cold . Cant imagine how it feels during winter.
Old antique stove top - only for deco
the owner provided us with full set of culinary .
dryer and washing machine also provided.

Xena the friendly cow .... very very interesting to note that the cows in aussie are all furry ....

2 goats

The farm dog .... sleeping away

The owner' eldest daughter -
...there are around 5-6 sheeps on the farm ... first time seeing them live ...they are pretty friendly.

Xena just being friendly with sis ....

Alpacas .... 3 of them

foods for the goats

See how thick is their wool .....

Hays for the horses ...
In the evening - the daughters brought us for a ride in the truck with their dog -- to feed some horses on the farm.

We get to collect some eggs from the hen dent for tomorrow breakfast

In front of the house is a small patch of grapes vines

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