Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taiwan 2015: Chaing Kai-Shek Residence

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Taiwan 2015 : Raohe St Night Market

Last stop for the night is to visit another night market : Raohe St Night market . 
Sis ditch us to go lepak with her friends so  ended up with only 5 of us .

Entrance of the night market is another i think famous temple.

 more foods ..... which most of them we figure out base on the physical appearance . This taiwan really not very convenient for non mandarin speaking tourist.

 they have session for titik nasib ..

 fish cataching game can be pretty famous in Taiwan .

 Same for arcade also ... Taiwan night market are filled up with these.
 sis favorite - bbq sotong

 only things that we purchase - strawberry juice blended.

 macaroons - selling in pasarmalam ..

 they sell fresh oyster and seafood too

 Nothing much to buy or eat - foods doesnt seems that appetizing .... headed back home ...

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