Thursday, December 31, 2015

Japan 2015 : Arashiyama and Sagano Scenic Railway Ride

Thankful for The Year 2015

Another year ended , time fly off really fast . Earlier this year , was so excited as is a new year and in a blink of eye , is already end of the year .

Significant things that happen in 2015: 
1. Visited Taiwan with family , we always talk about it years after years and finally get to visit it this year. 
2. Real honeymoon with Marcus to Kyoto and Osaka - fully paid for .
3. Business trip to Regensburg , Germany for 2 weeks and Wuxi , China
4. Shortie is healthy except 2 times visit to the vet (Choc poisoning and back problem)
5. Sign up for professional makeup course in Oct 
6. Stick to my gym routine of 2 times a week and manage to drop my weight till 37kg , which is my target weight. 
7. Got transfer to SSL BT 
8. Average increment again 4% ? , 1% better than last year
9. Kick off partyinabox - having consistent sales throughout whole 2015

Sad to say , is slow year financially this year . We just hibernate and slowly growing our stash.
Hoping to have more opportunity in 2016 for investment.

Importantly , I am thankful that all my family members including Marcus's parents and siblings are healthy . 

Things to look forward to next year 2016:
1. Sis's wedding in January - which is in 1 week time
2. Excited to setup new process, an additional role other than the current one
3.Holiday in Italy ?? maybe
4. Continue to grow partyinabox

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Japan 2015 : Gion Corner

Next we rush over to Gion to catch the Miyako Odori -geisha dance at Gion Corner

 View of Gion Street at night

 some of the head band of Geisha wore

 Entree cost Y2500 , the show takes around 1.5 hours

 start with traditional tea ceremony
 And follow by traditional japanese music performance

 and a comedy play

 Geisha dance
 Lastly another play , which i find the most interesting and unique

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