Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Myeongdong and Namdaemun market

Next we headed back to Namdaemun market again to buy Ginseng tea and seaweeds . This place is like Malaysia punya pasar malam.

 good quality clothes.
 they sell lots of street foods - lots of meats :> ...didint manage to try

 bake korean pan cakes
 pork knuckles
 more street food - pretty expensive 3000 per piece( RM9++)

 peaches in seasons now

 Next we took the MRT to Myeondong for our final shopping.

 Brought this - meat balls - 3000 -- damm expensive
 mine , sis and mom shopping haul
free samples ---

Ginseng Chicken- Seoul

After walking for nearly 1 hour around Hanok Village - we stop by one of the tourist restaurant that sell Ginseng Chicken . As expected this restaurant got super a lot of tourists .

They mainly specialist in Ginseng Chicken dishes / 

 they looks so tired - keke ...must be the damm hot weather
 Coke to give some sugar boast ....
 Side dishes- kim cho and potato soak in korean chilli
 first ginseng chicken dish -
 2nd ginseng chicken dish- this one taste nicer . FYI they stuff pulut rice in the chicken and cooks them.

 happy face- when the food arrive

Good to try for tourist - pretty pricey 

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