Thursday, June 27, 2013


I miss my process engineering job so so much .... for the last few months , I feel like I am a highly paid admin ...duh fuk man ...... my brain cell just die like 50% ....another 6 months more to go brain prob shrink by 100% .

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Agilent Health Week

This week is Agilent health week and  they provide like free BMI and body fat check normal ...we gals itchy backside ....go for the testing ... 
Me ...feeling confident that my %body fat and weight is damm low .... was like

Da hell .... since when im like 39.2kg ???
NEVER in my life is 39.2kg ......I always manage to maintain within 37kg ...

Time for some corrective actions ..... No more burgers , Oreos and Nissin Noodles...

Mugshot : Breakfast with Bagelsss

Few weeks ago addicted to the coffee crazy and went to breakfast in town ....found this shop ...Mugshot ... pretty famous and new ... they are famous for Bagelsssss ...
However from their menu ..there are only 5 choices of Bagels available. 

 Lots of ah moh ..... lovely cute chairs and tables ...those people looks so uncomfortable in those small chairs..

 They provide brown sugar instead of white ..
 Marcus's latte

 Mine...double cappuccino.
 Marcus : Bacon and egg ...

This is how it look inside 

 Mine : Cream cheese Bagel

 Yummy .....
 Finally ....a MUST to get the mugshot .

My 29th Birthday Celebration

 Yesterday was my 29th Birthday celebration.. and Marcus surprise me to this place call QEII ... located next to the Ferry Port / Jetty .... 
We left our house early around 6.30pm to catch the sunset ....than half way there we only realize that the sunset is at the Ferringgi Beach area (-_-) ...

 We are the only couple there ... this whole place is empty
 We are sited on the 2nd floor ....located next to the ferry terminal.

 Candle light dinner ...not bad rite ?
 We order Minestrone soup ... RM8 , very very tasty and huge portion
 Complimentary bread ....only 2 pieces kiam siap ..

 dips .... first is olive with vinegar and the 2nd ....melted butter with something

 We ordered ...beef carbonara ...Marcus's fav .... taste very nice ...surprisingly ...cant remember the exact price ...around RM28

 My pizza .. prawns , basil leaves , olives and ..... rm33

 Superb view ...... on the back.

 This year since I am on diet .... i requested a slice of cake so that i can make my birthday wishes .

 Look at shortie .....cant wait to taste some cream ..

Come to think of it ...this is my last year celebrating my 20sss birthday ...shit ..I am like 30 next year
Thank you baby for the wonderful celebration .

Friday, June 14, 2013

Intan Nasi Lemak - Nasi Lemak Addict Series

Those that know me well enough knows that I LOVES Nasi Lemak .. I started eating nasi lemak since in my mummy's tummy ....

According to mummy she got this craving of eating nasi lemak nearly everyday when she was pregnant with me i guess that is where my nasi lemak addiction came from. 

Tonight ....went out again for another nasi lemak hunt .... this time is near Green Lane, Penang free school.

 Garmin GPS ....our best guide to the nasi lemak search ...

Can you spot the mamak ...this place is located under some flat ....

 Our drinks ....Sarsi F&N ..
 The nasi lemak .... basic without any extra "lui".
 Marcus savoring his plate of warm nasi lemak ...
 Ta Dah ...finish clean ....and bear in mind ...this is like after our meal in Doarea ...and is at 12.30am ... fully from the previous meal however this nasi lemak makes our mouth watery.
 More dishes to add to your nasi lemak
 Finish already the nice fried chicken.

 Self service sambal ikan bilis ...

My comment : Not the best nasi lemak i ever tasted ....however is one of the best in Penang
Rating :
Rice : 9 (full of favour and can be eaten alone - the rice is berbiji - biji)
Sambal : 6 ( not spicy enough and not diluted enough )
Ikan Bilis : 2 ( too hard )

Total points : 17/30

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