Saturday, November 25, 2017

Travel Europe 2017 : Mercato Centrale , Central Market of Florence

First thing we did when we reach Florence is to get an ice cream. 
We stop by La Carraia which is located next to the florence bridge. 
See the line long leh 

each of us got an ice cream - $3.50 .... pretty huge

So beautiful postcard view
After ice cream we walk over to Mercato Centrale which took around 30 mins stroll .

Outside Mercato ... there are small stalls selling leather bags ..
We did not look at anything as worried that might be fake
the ground floor market was close so we head upstairs to the food court

they sell lots of foods and this is one of them

fresh seafoods which you can select and get the chef to cook for you

beautiful desserts are also sold here

The next day , we went out early to visit their ground floor market which is mostly selling raw materials such as spices , meat , olive oils , fresh pasta

Brought back lots of spices ...

fresh habanero ....
locally made anchovies

brought balsamic vinegar from here too

homemade bread for sale too and they are huge ...and they sell as per piece and not cut in half .
People here eat lots of bread.

mom was hungry and ended up went to the foodcourt upstairs to makan.
She got sick of ah moh food so she ordered from this chinese stall - some vege rolls .

ordered this ...
AddressVia dell'Ariento, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
Open today · 8AM–12AM

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