Sunday, November 25, 2012


Another interesting craft -  homemade polaroid coasters

Want to make personalized polariod coasters ?? 
Interesting rite ??? 
Good idea ---  for memories of families and friends ....while your having dinner or tea time .... 

DIY Link

Unique Ways to Re-uSE Your CANS

Some Ideas to re-deco your house without much money .....which is by re-cycle your cans ...

 Loves this one our cans and turn in into a flower vase ... OR plant potted flowers

 Another good idea - however would be better if tins were painted

Unique ways to use your cans

THE New Christmas Tree

want TO DO something different this year for Christmas ?? How about changing the tree ??

Was browsing thru some interior website and saw this post at "apartment therapy "

Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

My top 3 FAVSS .......

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sumida Japanese Restaurant @ Prima Tanjung

Marcus brought me to this new Japanese restaurant at Tanjung Tokong - actually is not a new place , just a new place to us ..

This is how Marcus look like when he is doing his football betting .

 Marcus Meal : Miso Udon set with jiow chi , rm24

 My set : beef cube set rm28

 Skin salmon maki rm4

 Total price of the meal : rm54 including tax .......
best part is the green tea is FREE .....

Super taste , comparable with ASUMA .....

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thank God !!!




I was bleeding for nearly 3 weeks before I gather my courage to visit the doctor. He suspected that either I am pregnant or hormonal imbalance. So he suggest that i took a pregnancy test at his office however he inform me that the test might not be tht accurate. Therefore I decided to re-take the test again to confirm..... and THANK GOD for the result ..!!!

So i guess , it might due to my hormone gone head wire 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Salmon with cream lemon sauce

Dinner --- another pic of my cooking - but this time is for dinner ....



Monday, November 12, 2012

Ebi Sushi - Deepavali Cooking Bonanza

My appetite is back ....after so many months of depression and heartache .......
Last night - got a surge of appetite for EBI SUSHI and headed straight to Jusco for prawns ....

 Cooked prawns ...

 Shortie- my vacuum cleaner -- waiting for anything to drop from my kitchen table.

 Cooked sushi rice mixed with vinegar
 The finale ----  DONE -- my beloved ebi sushissss ... total : 16 sushi

Price of prawns from Jusco : rm7.50
Price of sushi rice : rm2
Price of vineger : rm1
Total price of 16 sushis from Jenny's Kitchen : RM10.50

Price of 16 sushis if purchase from Jusco : RM24.00

Total amount saved by Jenny : RM13.50

Start Reading Fifty Shades of Grey

To be updated --- on the review

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I need a Herb Shelf

Today I just realize that I need a herb shelf ...... 
How did it came about ?? I was looking thru websites for recipes .....than i realize ...western foods esp use a lot and lots of spices and I do not have any ......since I am going to cook often ...must well i get myself a well stock up spice cabinet like the one below .....

Another Chapter of my Life

I am so so excited ......finally finally ............I GET TO QUIT !!!! and starting a new job  next week .....

I am so so thankful ...after 3 months of suffering, praying , crying ..... finally blessed with a job ...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I QUIT !!!!!

Finally after so many weeks ...i finally got the balls to QUIT .....quit my art class job ......
Today afternoon is my art class ......with butterflies in my tummy ....i go to Ms Tham and told her that I decided to quit due to unable to commit to teach every Sun as I might need to go back Subang quite often .....surprising she accept without much questions ....I guess she is glad that i voluntarily quit ....

I guess i am just so not into teaching kids ....camon ....paying me RM9.50/Hour to teach 3 - 4 year old kids how to draw straight line is TORTURING

Trust me ...... when i say teaching them is super stressful ... they just don't seems to understand me .... maybe is just me ..... but than this post is to remind me over and over again not to take up any teaching jobs ...NEVER EVER again !!!

I gonna miss my art lesson .....

** I get to keep my crayons , brushes and watercolour pallet .... yippie

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