Friday, August 22, 2014

Hanok Village- Insadong

Jogyesa Temple Visit

Jogyesa is known as the largest temple in Seoul . To get there you need to go to Insadong as takes around 10 mins walk from there .

 view inside the subway station- during weekend you will see lots of street peddlers selling their handicraft

 subway toilet- they dont provide liquid soap but bar soap - similar like in Japan.

 entrance of Jogyesa temple.

 This tree is called baeksong tree which is around 500 years old.

so beautifully design
 They have a craft/prayer shop which sells worship items and flowers.
if you got time , is a good visit to this place.

9-11 Aug - Homestay in Seoul

Last 2 days in Seoul - we rented a 2 rooms apartment for about RM280 per night for 3 person through Airbnb. We took the taxi from Incheon to her place for a bout 50,000 won which is pretty reasonable. 
Her apartment is located around 10 mins walking distance from Yeonsinnae subway station and along the road to the subway station there are tons and tons of eatery areas. Totally recommended to stay here. 
 She provides us with 2 water bottles and also both instant coffee mix and teas.
 The apartment comes with washing machine and stove to cook.
 Best part is it comes with internet and she also loan me a pocket wifi ..
 My parent bed room- with tv
 my own room ...yippie

Look at the luggage --- damm a lot rite ? my parents cant just travel light 

ll Baraco - Campbell House Penang - Marcus 30th Celebration

Last weekend we went to Il Baraco in Campbell House to celebrate Marcus 30th Birthday . Is a delay celebration as i was away in Seoul during his birthday .

This restaurant is located at the corner unit , quite easy to find.

 we arrived around 8pm and the restaurant is already half full.

 we ordered tomato Bruschetta  RM13. I wouldnt say tht is the best i ever tasted but is pretty good.
They use the bangali bread instead of  french banquette
 Since we are in a italian restaurant we decided to order Gamberi & Zucchine (Prawns & Courgettes) RM27. Taste wise is pretty disappointing . This dish is recommended by the waiter and it tasted bland and dry. Didnt really enjoy it . We regretted and should just ordered something more familiar such as cabonara. 
 Beef tenderion with potato and blue cheese sause - RM65 . Is ok , taste like normal beef but got a big disgusted as i requested for medium well but they give me medium steak.

 last part of the dinner DESSERT !! panna cotta with berries - very very nice RM18 . Very expensive for a jelly dessert !! hehe
 Total damage RM139.20 - pretty decent ..heheh cheaper than my birthday dinner combine :>

A bit disappointed with this restaurant . I was expecting this place to able to match up with Via Pre standard.However prob will give 2nd try with more "normal" dishes .
Interesting part is the service is pretty good especially the chef/owner of restaurant do help out around serving and mingling around his customers. Kudos for that.

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