Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Bye Ah Mah

Ah mah (Mommy's mom) pass away on 13 Oct 2012 6.30am in Subang Jaya ....She was pretty sick last few weeks as she was diagnose with liver cancer 4th stage .....

It is pretty devastating to find out bout her cancer as at her age there is nothing we can do about it .She pass away at age 91 .
Ah Mah when she's young .....

Few wonderful moments when she was well ..................this is how i remember her .....she always never stop smiling when i take out my camera and aim at her ... 

" Ah Mah  ....thank you so so much for taking care of me since i was 7 years old . Thank you so much for walking me to school everyday , cooking my favorite my salted fish,bak kok with soya sauces and kerabu timun. I will always remember you when  u protect me from mommy's cane when i was naughty.I am glad you remember the nice chicken rice that i always tapao for you. I hope that you will have a good time in heaven and we will meet again there one day . Ah mah , thank you"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When I grow Up .....

Last time our teacher use to ask us to write karangan bertajuk : Cita-cita saya

I use to remember clearly tht my cita cita is always a fashion designer or an architect ......choosing randomly either one ....as i loves to draw beautiful gowns ....and got like a range for tht particular design .... another part of me loves to become an architect (More of interior designer ) ....cos when i was young ...mom loves to bring me to visit her clients and her boss big big houses .....
So implanted in me tht i loves to design these house ....

Manatahu ..... after form 5 : told mom tht i wanted to study Medic to be a doctor ...but mummy say no money ... at tht time i really got no idea why i wanted to become a doctor ...i never have the compassion and the urge to save people ....

After F6 ....i applied for Architecture ( 1st choice) ...however unfortunately did not get it and it stead got Kimia Industry . Tht time , i was like wtf do kimia industry do ??  Make BOMB ???

Upon graduation ... i apply for a scientist job in Scomi ....but tht didint last long ...... finally i landed as a Process Engineer until now ....

How ironic it become ...... from a fashion designer and now a process engineer ??
Let see in few years time ....what i will be ...............

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A good manager

Working for nearly 6 years teaches me that : a manager performances is depends on  the accomplishment of his/her team members.

A suscessful team is always lead by a good leader :

How to be a good leader ?

Good leader or manager is someone who motivate and drive a team to accomplish a goal.

Do and Donts of a manager :

A manager must always be fair and should not show favoritism among team members
A manager must always motivate 'carrot & stick' method
A manager must care bout his/her team well being
A manager must control the usage of words - as harsh words can destroy a person self esteem
Open communication with subordinate is very important
Manager should not be selfish but to bring his team up and not to bring up own achievement 

Light at the end of the tunnel?

They say tht bad things usually happen 3 times in a roll before good things happen .....

 Would say ....well ....3 bad things happen to me lately within 2 weeks .... Will I get any good news soon ?

Last week , is the 1st time I bang someone with my mom new myvi
Than last fri , my popo diagnose with liver cancer 4th stage
Today my assistant told me tht she might be leaving the team

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