Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another Nice Quote

Management is doing things right ; leadership is doing the right things
"7 habits of highly effective people'

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why People Have Dogs

Dogs are man best fren....and i always tot that people have dog as they companion fren ....

However i was watching suzi osman show to BBC news about a lady wanted to buy a dog ....

and tht what she said tht day realise why i wanted a dog .....

this is the exact word she said "let me make it clear , you wanted a dog is because ur current dog will not give you the love and attention that you wanted "

This statement make me realize is so so true ....i wanted a dog is because marcus will not give me this follow me and never question me punya attention ...

and shorty actually do tht ...she is like ......i would say devoted for life ...heheh ...

My Pink ipod shuffle

Marcus won some lucky draw thing .... and he got an ipod ....and ...he GAVE IT to me .......

So so sweet of him .....

my first pink apple gadget ....

1st Trial Cooking Chili Crab

Last few weeks , i was having dreams and fetish on Chili's Crab .....i miss Fatty Crab in PJ so so much ...
So i was thinking ...since i cant have my chili's crab than i shall cook my own crab....
I when i few markets in PG but still cant find my brown mud ended up headed to Tesco and brought 2 frozen flower crab...

My final result ....Jenny's Chili Crab .....

BTW it doesnt taste as nice as i tot ....too strong tomato smell ..taste more like tomato crab than chili crab.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

10 commandments for a Happy Marriage

1. Thou shalt not live in a bubble. Sometimes love is such a whirlwind of crazy joy that you forget that there are other people, things, and activities in the world besides the two of you. While this is understandable, you have to have outlets, otherwise you'll drive each other bonkers. Before you met Your Guy, you were always getting together with your gaggle of female friends, hanging out with your family, putting in extra time at the office, saving the world at the local shelter, or taking a few classes to keep expanding your brain. Don't stop. Just because you are Mr. and Mrs. So-and-So doesn't mean you have to be attached at the hip and forget about everything else. Your marriage will be a lot more interesting if you keep on being the fascinating gal you were before he met you. You'll also have a lot more to talk about over dinner.

2. Thou shalt respect all forms of life, not just married life. Life becomes awfully narrow when your social life revolves exclusively around other couples. One too many brunches spent talking about the real estate market will make you think you've died and gone to married hell. One benefit of your wedding was that you had the chance to introduce all of your previously separate social circles to one another. So once you're wed, keep mixing things up: his friends and your friends, work friends and school friends, neighbors and family, old friends and brand-new acquaintances, singletons and smug marrieds, parents of twins and the child-free.

3. Don't worry. You've still got it. When you were single, you met cute guys everywhere -- at the laundromat, on the subway, at funerals. Once you're hitched, it's easy to miss the buzz of universal male admiring attention. But unless you're a movie star and you absolutely have to look lustily at other men because it's your job, don't go batting those eyelashes at anyone but your beloved. Don't worry, you still have the power. You've just got to take it on faith instead of soliciting daily proof.

4. Honor thy mother-in-law and father-in-law. Your in-laws may be incredible bores, gossipy and nosy, or so tacky and embarrassing you want to hide under your turtleneck when you're out with them. Whatever type you've inherited, welcome them with open arms whenever you see them. No matter what you think of them, remember that they are responsible for raising your terrific husband. Even if you really believe that he only turned out normal due to some sort of divine intervention (think Marilyn on The Munsters), give them the credit. So listen to your father-in-law drone on and on about weird weather patterns and act riveted. Eat your mother-in-law's scary meatloaf (even if you prefer things green) and don't forget to ask for seconds. Grab another glass of wine if necessary.

5. Thou shalt not even bother trying to keep up with the Joneses. Let's get things straight. There will always be a couple that is funnier, more attractive, sexier, wealthier, nicer, hipper, healthier, smarter, more successful, and more glamorous than you two. Got it? Even if you are the grooviest couple in the room at one party, you won't be at the next. If you are constantly comparing yourself to other couples (some of whom you will find out later were just faking it on the road to divorce court), you will miss out on enjoying how happy you are just being yourselves.

6. Fight a clean fight. When you were dating and you got into a spat you may have found that slamming doors, crying and racing back to your apartment were effective tools in winning an argument. He would be so lost without you that he would come running over and say he was sorry. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the tactic is not going to work now that you are married and living together. You're a lot better off staying calm and staying put to solve a tiff. Fight a clean fight and you are guaranteed at least that he'll listen to your point of view. Winning is up to you.

7. Be a team.
While you are both successful, independent people, don't forget to cheer each other on, support each other's crazy dreams, and encourage each other to live your best lives. If he's up for a promotion, become best friends with his boss at the office Christmas party. If he's always wanted to ride in the Tour de France, buy two tickets to Paris to see it up close. Lousy day for him? Treat him and his buddies to an after-work gripe session at the corner pub. On the days where your star is shining and his isn't, make sure to pass him the winning shot. In a mean and crazy world isn't it nice to know you always have someone on your side?

8. Be fabulous. Be comfortable being unconventional, glamorous, or unique. You don't have to become June Cleaver now that you're hitched. Who cares if you guys like to have the Christmas ornaments up in June, don't have matching silverware, or prefer Pabst Blue Ribbon to a fine vintage? Let your hair down. You've found someone who loves you, warts and all, so be the marvelous off-beat woman that he fell in love with and never try to be some cookie-cutter Mrs.

9. Be romantic. Sounds crazy but sometimes it's easy to forget what got you married in the first place. Don't stop being romantic, sexy, creative, impulsive, spontaneous, and crazy in love now that it seems easier to rent a video and order takeout. Take tango lessons, get season tickets to the ballet or hockey, go ice-skating hand-in-hand, and let him pick you up for a date. Don't be afraid to be unabashedly Hallmark-card cheesy and profess your love. Whatever it was that got you thinking he was the man for you, keep doing it. Most important, don't ever forget the power of an unexpected drop-everything smooch.

10. Be thankful for your guy. There are times when married life will make you think back to your sensational single days with longing and alarm. You were Mary Tyler Moore, for God's sake, what made you think you wanted to be Edith Bunker? When the love of your life is driving you bananas, it is time to remember how sexy/suave/smart/sensitive/studly your man was the night you first decided that he was IT. Remember how lucky you are to have someone who puts up with all of your nonsense. If through everything, you remember to be grateful for landing the most wonderful man on the planet, your marriage will reflect that, every day.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Lameessst Joke of the Year

Question : Which country has the most cow ?


Moscow( MOS-COW )

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nice Saying

" If we have to walk a thousand steps , you take one step and I will finish the 9999 Steps "
Marcus aka Teslaroy

Marcus used to say this last time when we first started dating all he talks about is how to make more money .... sad sad

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stages in a relationship

According to some LOVE Expert.... there are 5 stages in a relationship:

a)the romance stage
b)The Disillusionment Stage
c)The Power Struggle Stage
d)The Stability Stage
e) The Commitment Stage

i do not know which stages i am in ...but i know tht i miss the romance stage and the disillusionment stage ......

I rate these 2 stages the best i miss those stages with butterfly feelings in ur stomach when u going out for a date ....

Sometimes i feel tht being in a relatioinship too long ....we kindda take both each other for granted !!

example ...for me n marcus ...everyd we would come back homne ....usually he will b the earliest .. than we would sit in fornt of the comp ....exchanging small talks ...and go sleep ....
we would repeat tht every freaking nights ...
sometime weekend would b slightly better where we headed for dinner outside together ....

i often wonder ......what happen to the effort n romance tht we use to have last time when we just started dating ...

often or not ....we just too lazy to put effort in these kind of romance anymore ..especially after 6 years together .....

Honestly ...I would say it kindda SUCKS ...... for both of us .. we are not yet married and i am already bored ..... what will happen after we get married ?
Are we going to b like our parensts ??? staying together just bcos we both feel comfortable ???

I am so piss off until i cant sleep...need to release somewhere n this is the right place to release my fustration ..

when we just started dating ....when we argue ...we would talk it out until we both alrite b4 we go to bed ...but now ...we get piss off ....than we just sleep until tomorrow hoping tht we will forget bout tht .... HOW BAD A RELATIONSHIP IS HEADING !!!! ...

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