Sunday, September 16, 2018

Travel Europe 2017: Hallstatt

Another Sunday afternoon trying to dig back my memories of 2017 europe trip with Mummy and Daddy.
When we were in Salzburg , we did a one day trip to Hallstatt which is about 2 hours ride there.
We took the bus and than train and lastly boat ride to Hallstatt.
This was a bit complicated as usual as they do not have direct transport from Salzburg to Hallstatt.

 i think is about 1 hour plus bus ride
 view was AMAZING ... but the road was a bit winding .... nearly vomited
 Finally the boat ride - around 15 mins ....

 Too bad when we reach - the weather wasn't great .
Cold wind blowing while raining ... cold and wet ....

 Centre of the town area ...beautiful
Remind me of bukit tinggi or something similar replica but this is the actual place !!!
Look so fake but is real at the same time.
 View from the entrance of an old church

 Daddy was wearing a windbreaker ... you can imagine how cold is that ...

We were there on Sunday and most of the restaurant not open ...
Thank god halfway in the trip , the rain stop.
We found an italian restaurant at the edge of the town for lunch.Sorry no pictures. Too hungry that forgotten to take any pics.

 Walking around . Nothing much to see except for Salt Mine which Daddy didnt want to go up.

 As you can see , the view is amazingly beautiful.
The air so fresh and pure that you think you might live longer if you stay here .

We left around 4pm something back to Salzburg .
Towards noon , this whole place is flooding with China tourists which spoiling the view .

Sunday, September 9, 2018


If you want to bring your toddler or children to some indoor park , i do recommend to come to Imaginia Playland Bangkok. 
Located at the 3rd floor of the emporium shopping centre , you can easy come by BTS. 

 Highly recommended for toddler around age 2plus to 4 years old. Any older i dont think they will enjoy it that much.

 I cannot remember how much the entrance fees .

 Before we enter we were given a hand wrist band so that you can save your pictures or even pay for food and drinks at the cafe.
 There are additional cost for activities like this

 Remember to bring your own socks ( even adults) if not your force to buy.

 There are some activities like this where u can take your pic and it will come out on the screen.

 or some stick and paste activities

 Playground which is safe and friendly for young kids.
 Hannah loves the slide.

 But she hates the big slide .
We went up few times on the big slide coz the parents love them. You can scan your wrist band at the top of the slide and there will be cameras tht capture your photos when you go through the slides.
The pictures can be sent to your email.

 2nd round with daddy.
 This is where she enjoy most playing.

 some colouring activities for her

 on top of the colouring , we did a cloud activity

 this is a DJ booth , where you can mix your own songs but i find it a bit complicated as no instruction given

There a reading corner with both thai children and english childrent books available.

Imaginia Playland Official Website
Daily opening 10am to 7pm
Do check out this place

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