Saturday, December 30, 2023

Bye 2023 and Welcome to 2024

 Hello again !! 

I have been missing for more than a year and now i am back again to write down on what i think of 2023 .

In Q1 2023 :

Jan'23 visited Pasir Gudang site  together with the team.

March'23 celebrate Sara's 3rd birthday with her babyshark birthday theme at Marcus Chess Academy.
We conduct our 2nd Beginner Camp in Subang Branch with full attendance.
My eldest girl , Hannah enter into standard 1 Lick Hung in March'23 . This journey might need another post alone.

March'23 alone i also travelled to Bangkok for teambuilding and is a wonderful experience when you are working solo and the only interaction with everyone is via teams. (Pictures in teams can be very misleading)

During this time , Sara also attended her first day of school.
We did a full CHAN and CHUA family trip together to Club Med Cherating 

In Q2 2023

Celebrated Hannah 7th Birthday 

We did multiple Sunway Lagoon trips as well as 2 staycation in Kuala Lumpur . (It is a pain to travel with Sara at this age) . 

In Q3 2023 

My 2nd hand 20 YEARS Myvi died on me leaving me no choice but to get a new car and guess what !!! 

TADAH!!! I got another Myvi !!! Yeap !! i love myvi so much and yes i brought the number plate for 2.7k after multiple attempt of bidding.

Q4 2023 : 
Visit Melaka with the kids

and visited Vietnam for work as well and was nearly force to eat snails .. 

Last trip of the year , we went back to the girls hometown Penang .Unfortunately the trip was not pleasing at all as all of us are down with flu and fever. 

2023 is a blessed year so far. Small moments across the years make such a memorable time for myself.
As you grow older, I personally feel that previous times like this need to be treasured permanently and can never be bought back with money.
Things like Sara's at 3 years old is super obsessive with anything that has Elsa's picture on them. So now she has Elsa's dresses' which she has to wear them everyday , Elsa's shoes and even Elsa's underwear . Sara is also at the stage where she will want to pick her own clothing to wear and she is very strong headed . She will wear a dress with long pants during the hot sunny afternoon .

Hannah is only 7 years old but she behaving like a 15 years old teenage girl. Talking about boys having crushes on each other in school. She loves playing roadblock and loves drawing only. She is ok to negotiate on what to wear. 

What i look forward in 2024 ???

Moving into a new double storey house with Hannah having her own room.
To continue with good job opportunity in Bayer(major reorg now) 
Marcus Chess continue to expand 
Everyone stays healthy always 

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