Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Bye 2022 and Welcome 2023

 Just realized i been away for blogging for exactly 1 year! Loosing my mojo in writing blog post nowadays and being lazy by posting pictures on fb page. 

What i think of 2022 ?

Lots of family time together especially with the 2 girls. Brought them to cuti cuti Malaysia , Trong duck farm , Penang , , Tanjung Sepat , Kuala Selangor and lots of Sunway Lagoon sessions. 

Work wise.... first half was stressful and thank god for new opportunity and praying hard that my luck dont run out soon. Enjoying my job now and current job flexibility enable me to spend more time with the girls .Remind me of Osram .

WFH enable me to spend time with them ..such as bringing them to the nearby park 
Call me bias , but i am going to miss this little girl of mine ... growing up so so fast. 

In between job manage to took 1 month break . Did some cuti cuti with the kids and lots of lazying around. 

Q3 of 2022 , Marcus open his 2nd branch of Marcus Chess Academy in Subang Jaya. Busy with the sourcing , renovation, setup , authorities approval and running the centre. Up to date , we have around 30 students . 

Malaysia 's 15th GE on 19th Nov and we change party and PM !!! This show we still a democratic country. 

2022 pass by with a blink on an eye. It's been such a fast year !!

I do look forward to 2023. Hoping that this year to be a year of opportunities for career growth as well as business growth.

Hannah will be going into standard 1 and Sara will be starting kindy . Both my girls are growing so fast and i am thankful that last 2 years i am able to spend so much time with them through working from home and with the help of our helper.

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